More pencil holder craft ideas for kids

More pencil holder craft ideas for kids

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer.

A pencil holder is always useful and thereare many ways to decorate them.

For this project, you mainly need a recycledcontainer, tissue paper or a remnant of wall paper andmod podge.

Choose several colours of tissue paper andtear it into pieces.

If you prefer, instead of tearing the tissuepaper, you can cut it.

Take a container of concentrated juice forexample and with a paint brush, spread mod podge on one side of the container.

Then, place a piece of tissue paper and brushit with mod podge.

Continue to put the pieces of tissue paperon the side of the container, alternating colours as much as possible and cover the outside of the container completely.

And then let it dry.

Another possibility is to cover the recycledcontainer with a remnant of wallpaper.

Measure the height of the container and adda few inches to the height.

Take a strip of wallpaper, and transpose thismeasure on the back of the wallpaper.

Draw a rectangle large enough to cover theside of the container.

Try the strip of wallpaper around the container and then keep the equivalent of the contourof the container plus a little bit more.

You can cut the excess.

Place the wallpaper with the pre-pasted sideup.

If the wallpaper has a tendency to roll onitself, roll the piece you have cut the other wayto get it to stay flat.

Take a paint brush and a little water andcover the back of the piece of wallpaper.

Then place the wallpaper around the recycledcontainer and fold the top part over into the insideof the container.

To keep the wallpaper nice and tidy, put clothespins on top of the pencil holderwhile the glue dries.

So there you have two ideas to make a pencilholder.

To print the instructions of this project,click on the link below the video.

Source: Youtube