Minecraft Pixel PaperCraft

Minecraft Pixel PaperCraft

Alright this is Danielator36 coming at youwith another minecraft related video! Today, we are going to be showing you the Pixel Papercraftum.

like their designs and so it turned out very well its greate qualtity depending onwhat paper you use but any paper works fine and recently we did a video about this minecraftposter and it was hung up and looks wonderful so back to pixel papercraft we are going tostart of with the actual minecraft bodies you can make with them so I was not very goodI think its very hard to create them but I was able to create the heads of a friend ofmines skin and captainsparklez skin also you can create a box minecraft body its prettycool that is found pre -made online also there are cubes its a very cool system you just fold them up, the cubes are simplest.

I have a wooden cube, a cobblestone cube, a golden block, and I was trying to make bluewool, but the printing messed up and ended partly pink wool its actually pretty coolthen since this is just a creeper head it functions the same as a block because it doesnthave anything like it being very small or having small parts that you have to fold ThisI made with a bit harder paper it is a slime now this also works like a creeper head anda cube because its, a slimes just a cube this I beilieve is called mini slime but I adjustedit and made it a bit bigger the creeper I made small and last but not least this oneI put the most effort into it was a pig this is very hard because theres all differentshapes and sizes the legs were really hard because each leg is tiny and has tiny tabsand you have to make 4 of them, just great so then I glued the parts together I justused plain glue from a glue stick for all of these.

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Also remember in the description below wewill have the link to where you can get- where you can actually print the paper for thisif for some reason the link isn´t working witch would be very odd then just google PixelPapercraft and you will find it theres also a papercraft studio app that costs a bit ofmoney not too much I think $3.

00 and that also works but remember theres this websitethanks for watching I hope you enjoyed and bye!.

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