Minecraft Papercraft – How to Make a Lever

Minecraft Papercraft – How to Make a Lever

Hello YouTube this is Walter Lazinski herecoming at you with another video and today I will be showing you how to make a Minecraftlife-size lever that actually works.

What you will need is your lever life-size cutoutwhich will be in the description, glue, and scissors.

First you are going to take yourscissors and cut out all of the parts.

After you have cut out your lever pieces you aregoing to cut out these two holes and these two holes then fold on the tabs.

Next youare going to have to set aside the other pieces and keep this piece and cut out the middlefour pixels.

You are going to need these three pieces and keep in mind you just have to rollup piece D and glue accordingly on the tabs.

After you have glued all of your pieces youare going to take your lever, put it inside the other piece and then take piece D andput it inside the other holes, after you have done that you are going to stick it to theside.

After you put together your lever piece you are going to take piece D and fold itonto the axil so it does not fall out and then you are going to take this piece, putglue all over the inside, flip it back over, and put it neatly onto the lever.

You mayneed to reenforce the axil with tape and you have to glue the tabs together.

After thatyou are going to take your pieces, cut off about this much off of this piece, and thenglue this piece to the bottom.

Congratulations your lever is now complete! If you guys wantme to make any other Minecraft or Lego tutorials just ask in the comments and I will be sureto make it.

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Thank you guys so much for watching and bye!.

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