Lucky in love card tutorial

Lucky in love card tutorial

Welcome to this tutorial about the love clover card.

Take a sheet of white paper and fold a small part of it.

Draw a half heart shape from the fold.

Optional: If you want to go for that "papercut" effect, draw a heart shape inside the heart shape itself.

Cut out the heart shape with a scissors.

Again, if you want to go for that "papercut" effect: cut out the inner heart shape first.

Unfold the heart shape.

Take the sheet of white paper again and remove the folded area.

Fold the white sheet of paper twice.

Put the heart shape on top of the folded area and trace it with a pencil.

(It's not required to trace the inner heart shape.

) Cut out the shape with a scissors while keeping the paper folded.

Unfold the clover shape.

Trace the clover shape with a pencil on a sheet of red paper.

Draw a stem between two clover leafs.

Also trace the inner heart shapes if you're going for the "papercut" effect.

Cut out the clover shape with a craft knife.

If you're aiming for the "papercut" effect: cut out the inner heart shapes first.

Remove visible pencil traces with an eraser.

Take a blank greeting card and unfold it.

Use clear stamps to write the text "Lucky in love" on a stamp press or acrylic block.

Use a black ink pad then to ink your stamps well.

Stamp the text on the blank greeting card.

Then put foam pads on the backside of the clover shape.

Attach the clover shape to the greeting card.

Your love card is ready now! Thank you for watching this tutorial and I hope to see you next time.

Source: Youtube