Liat Binyamini Ariel  – Paper Mache Artist

Liat Binyamini Ariel – Paper Mache Artist

"Liat Binyamini Ariel""Paper Mache Artist" Liat, a children's booksillustrator by profession, decided one day totransform her illustrations into sculptures madeentirely out of Paper Mache.

Since then she's dedicatedherself to this media, creating constantly and teaches others.

It's a wonderful feeling,molding this material.

It's very therapeutic,absorbing and cleansing excess energy, anger,and even just stress.

I've found myself many times taking newspapers with terrible news, squishing them and melting them into a cat.

I always thought, wouldn'tit be a wonderful thing if we could really make all thosebad news disappear and turn them into somethingaesthetic that others will enjoy.

The "jackpot", as Liat refersto it, is shredded paper, the kind that you keep tryingto get rid of and takes up space in the office.

Add water and plastic glue to make the dough, which can be turned intopractically anything, from a witch's hat toa life-size bench.

It's called "The Loveseat",and it is a seat of love.

It is literally made out ofa couple sitting together.

It is truly a uniqueand special place.

Are you happy workingwith Paper Mache? I am very happy, I couldn'thave picked a better livelihood for myself.

It gives me incrediblefreedom of expression as an artist, with its colorsand availability.

I don't have to worry abouthaving money to create, and I am pleased withthe recycling concept.

My "green conscience"is happy when I recycle, little by slow, helping toease the earth's pain.

Source: Youtube