LEGO Stormtrooper Papercraft #8.Weapon (레고 스톰트루퍼 종이모형-무기)

LEGO Stormtrooper Papercraft #8.Weapon (레고 스톰트루퍼 종이모형-무기)

Now let's make a final part of LEGO Stormtrooper's papercraft.

Print and cut the weapon part from my free template.

And roll this part with a round tool in advance.

Glue and make a weapon parts like this.

Roll and make this part.

And then connect this with the previous part.

Make this small pipe with same way.

Connect it with same way but be careful and check the shape.

Fold this part like this.

Check the mountain line and valley line.

Glue on the narrow side and connect two parts.

Glue here and put the small pipe on here.

Roll and make a handle part.

Insert a iron paper inside this handle pipe.

Stick the handle here tightly.

You can use a powerful glue.

Check the shape and where we will glue.

Insert this big pipe like this.

Next will be a making of table part finally.

Source: Youtube