Lava Luau/PoppetsTown Day

Lava Luau/PoppetsTown Day

♪ If you have a problem ♪ ♪ I know who to call ♪ ♪ The Poppetswill solve it ♪ ♪ Big or small ♪ ♪ Blooter and his gang ♪ ♪ They're waitingon your call ♪ ♪ Pop pop pop pop ♪ ♪ In the airor on the ground ♪ ♪ Pop pop pop ♪ ♪ We get aroundget around ♪ ♪ Pop pop pop ♪ ♪ We get aroundin Poppetstown ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ Pop pop pop pop ♪ ♪ We get aroundget around ♪ ♪ Pop pop pop ♪ ♪ Get aroundin Poppetstown ♪ ( ♪♪ ) Ooh! It's the perfectday for a party, but what kind? Too chilly fora swimming party, too hot fora skating party, and we can'thave a sleepover because it's day.


) Whoa! What apopperiffic sound! ( ♪♪ ) Where did youget that coolinstrument, Alli? Zippery-zee! It's a ukulele, and it comesfrom hawaii.

Hawaii is a groupof islands inthe pacific ocean that were madefrom volcanoes.

Volcanoes! Cool! Oh.

Oh, I thinkyou mean hot, my Blooter man.

Volcanoes are super-hot, so hot the rockinside them melts, then it bubbles upfrom deep undergroundand explodes.

Then the lavacools down toform islands.

Patty:Ooh, look at this! It's so beautiful! Sure is, Patty.

The hawaiian islandsare famous for their tropicalfruits and flowers.

In hawaii they havetraditional partiescalled "luaus" where they do a beautifuldance called the "hula".

All the dancers wearskirts made of grass and necklaces made offlowers called "leis".

Fruit! Flowers! Music! Dancing! Grass skirts! This is it! The party idea I'vebeen searching for, a hawaiian luau! ( ♪♪ ) We'll ask everyoneto bring something.

Food and flowers and.

Dancing monkeysin grass skirts! Hmm! I'll go tellthe naka-nakas! Cozy:(blowing whistle) Hey, Cozy, we're havinga hawaiian luau and we need lotsand lots of flowers.

Flowers?Uh, you betcha! (blows whistle) ( ♪♪ ) Blooter:Hey, Patty.

What abouta volcano? You can't havea hawaiian party without a volcano! Oh, Blooter, don't be so silly.

There aren't any volcanoesaround here.

Are there? Look, Bobby, there's Captain Capover on sparkly bay.

You go and tell himabout the luau.

Blooter and Iwill tell Cocori, and then we'll allmeet at the park! A volcano? Was Blooter serious? ( ♪♪ ) a hawaiian luau! Argh! Now,that's a party! You know, I'vebeen to hawaii.

( ♪♪ ) (laughter) Only, it wasa little cooler than I thoughtit would be.

Uh, Cap? I don't think there areany icebergs in hawaii.

You're right,Bobby.

Argh! Those penguinstricked us again! (squawk) a volcano? (chuckle)Not a realone, Cocori.

Just apretend one.

Oh, I see.

Like a partydecoration.

Hmm, that is agood idea, Blooter.

Let's checkthe Patty-puter.

( ♪♪ ) Patty:Ooh, look at this! It says, "first, you haveto make a mountain "out of paper mache.

"then you fill itwith baking soda and pour insome vinegar.

" "the baking sodaand vinegar mix together "and make gassy bubbles.

Very safe and nothot or poisonous.

" Fascinating! Ooh! I can bring bakingsoda and vinegar along witha fabulousfruity feast! Stupendous! Then allwe need to do is build apaper mache mountain, and voila! A volcano.

Paper mache? What's that? Hmm.

I'm not sure.

Let's ask Alli.

He'll know.

( ♪♪ ) paper mache.

It's easy! All you needis some paper and some thick gluecalled "paste".

Hey, Bobby! Do you have anypaper and paste? Uh, sure.

Here you go.

The instructionssaid to use a plasticbottle in the middle.


Then you wrap the stripsof paper covered in glue around and aroundand around.

What arewe making? A paper machemountain.

Oh, a mountain,okay.

Argh, mateys.

That is somemagnificentmountain! Not justsome mountain, my finepirate friend.

This issome volcano! A volcano? But, Blooter,you said.

Great job,everyone! Now all we need is lots and lots ofbaking soda and vinegar! Baking soda? Vinegar? What do you needthose things for? To make thevolcano explode! Explode? Cocori:(Clucking) Good news! I have baking soda, lots and lotsof baking soda! See? Yay!Yay!Yay!Yay! But I don't haveany vinegar.

Not even a single drop.





I guess we won't beable to have thevolcano after all.

Phew! Oh, Poppet.

That's too bad.

That wouldhave been fun.

Oh, I was reallylooking forward to it.

Hey! Poppets! Don't be sad.

We're havinga great luau.

Here! Have somelemonade.

( ♪♪ ) (liquid fizzing) look! The lemonade madethe baking sodafizz up! Hmm.

My brain justpopped a great idea! Maybe we canuse lemonade.

Patty, we needmore info.

Great thinking, Blooter! It says "if you can'tfind any vinegar, use lemon juice.

" Yay! Let'smake avolcano! Oh no! The baking sodais in the volcano! Now what do we do? Well, we just pourthis lemon juice in and.

Oh! Wait! Don't do it! Wha-a? What's thematter, Bobby? Volcanoes arereally dangerous! You can't justset one off.

Someone could get hurt! But, Bobby, it's not areal volcano.

It's just adecoration.

The baking soda andvinegar, or lemon juice, mix togetherand fizz up.

It's not dangerous,I promise.



I should have known that,I guess.


Wait a minute.

You weren't herewhen we decided to make thepaper mache volcano.

So you didn't knowthe volcano wasn't real.

Argh! 'tis an easymistake to make.

But if you wereworried itwasn't safe, why didn'tyou tell us? I was afraidyou'd laugh at me because I was ascaredy-Poppet.

Never! It's smart-Poppetto be safe! Yeah, bettersafe than sorry! Cozy's right,as usual.

It never hurtsto be careful! And anyway, you're not ascaredy-Poppet, Bobby, you'rereally brave, and I knowhow to prove it.


One, two, three! ( ♪♪ ) (gurgling) (rumbling) ( ♪♪ ) yeah!Whoo-hoo! Yahoo! (volcano gurgling) Patty:that was amazing! Yay! Did you seeit explode? Whoo-hoo whee! Let the hula-boola lava luau begin! ( ♪♪ ) Blooter:Now that's whatI call a hula! Who knewCaptain Caphad it in him? Everyone dances betterwith a grass skirt on.

And a volcanobehind them! Thanks to you,Bobby! Me? You were the onewho poured in the lemon juice! You're right, I was! Once I stoppedbeing so scared.

We all get scaredsometimes, Bobby.

Patty's right.

We should makea promise.

If any one of usever gets scared, we'll tellthe others, okay? Promise.


Poppets:Poppets, away! Naka-nakas:♪ Hula-boola luau wow ♪ ♪ Shaky shakyyou know how ♪ ♪ Hula-boola luau wow ♪ ♪ Shaky shakyyou know how ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ Pop pop pop pop ♪ ♪ Pop pop pop pop ♪ ♪ Pop poppop pop ♪ ♪ If you have a problem ♪ ♪ I know who to call ♪ ♪ The Poppetswill solve it ♪ ♪ Big or small ♪ ♪ Blooter and his gang ♪ ♪ They're waitingon your call ♪ ♪ Pop pop pop pop ♪ ♪ In the airor on the ground ♪ ♪ Pop pop pop ♪ ♪ We get aroundget around ♪ ♪ Pop pop pop ♪ ♪ We get aroundin Poppetstown ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ Pop pop pop pop ♪ ♪ We get aroundget around ♪ ♪ Pop pop pop ♪ ♪ Get aroundin Poppetstown ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) (gasp)I know! A-a festival! A festival'sfun, Patty, but we needsomething else, somethingreally.

Poppets-town-sy! Blooter:here's your specialdelivery, Alli! ( ♪♪ ) (tuba ♪♪) zippery-zee! That's some groovyoom-pah-pah! But we'restill searching for the perfectpopperiffic way.

To celebratePoppetstown day.

Oh! Ooh! (ducks quacking) My brain justpopped a great idea! We'll do that! Waddlelike ducks? No.

March in line! I get it.

a parade! A parade? I like it.

I love it! Oh! How do you puton a parade? Patty, we needmore info.

( ♪♪ ) look at this! A long time agothey had water parades with decorated boatscalled "floats"! Floats is a good namebecause the boats.


they float.


Captain Capwould dig that.

Patty:But nowadays, it's not just boatswe call "floats".

Anything that movesand is decorated can be a floatin a parade.

Wow! So if I decoratethe clubhouse it can be a float? And Patty's pata-patacan be a float too.

Great! That means everyonein Poppetstown can maketheir own float! Hmm.

It says herethat most parades have aparade theme.

What'sa theme? What's a theme? Well, it meansthe floats have to show different waysof celebratingthe same thing.

So if we werecelebrating flowers, all the floats wouldhave flowers on them.

So we have to thinkof a theme.

No we don't.

It'sPoppetstown day! Each float canshow what we loveabout Poppetstown.

Popperiffic! Popperiffic! Guys, aren't youforgetting something? We need to tell everyoneto make a float.


(chuckle) right.

Let's skoot-toot! ( ♪♪ ) I'll tellthe naka-nakas! A parade! Oh! Awonderful idea.

I can't waitto watch it.

You won't justwatch it, you're goingto be in it.

Me?(squawk) in a parade? Oh, out ofthe question.

I'll never beable to think ofa float in time.

Sure you can.

Our theme iswhat we loveabout Poppetstown.

So? What do youlove the most? Well, I guessmy favourite thing is.

makingsure everyone has delicious andhealthy food to eat.

You know, pineapples, strawberries,(cluck) raspberries, yum! And broccoli.

(giggle) can't forget the broccoli.

That's it! You can decorateyour float to look like abowl of fruit.

Heh! Andbroccoli.

Yes! That soundsso good! I'll get workingon it right away.

Oh! I almost forgot! Captain Cap'slunchtime pineapple! Blooter, can youtake this to him?On it! Bobby, you tell Cozyabout the parade.

I'll tellCaptain Cap.

( ♪♪ ) argh.

a parade? Sorry.

piratesdon't do parades.

Really? But, Captain Cap,in the old days there were a lotof boat parades.

Aye, I know that.

That's the problem.

Me and mepirate mates were nearly ina parade once.

It was a magnificent parade of tall ships with huge sails.

And we decided to join in.

But when they discovered that we were.

(gasp) pirates.

They were gonequicker than youcan say yo-ho-ho! I guess they didn'twant piratesin their parade.

But we want youin ours.

You do? Of course! And your float canbe a pirate ship because you lovetelling us yourpirate tales.

(cackling)just what Iwas thinking.

Thanks, matey.

And if youwouldn't mind, these sunflower seeds need to bedelivered to Cozy.

I promisedI'd share them with him.

Aye-aye,Captain Cap.

( ♪♪ ) Cozy:(blowing whistle) Cozy, Captain Capwants you to have thesesunflower seeds.

Thanks! Isn't it amazinghow a littletiny seed grows into a big,beautiful flower? Hey, guess how I'm goingto decorate my float? Oh, let me see.

With flowers? Good guess! What's your floatgoing to be, Blooter? Oh.

I'm not sure.

( ♪♪ ) Blooter:wow! Nice work, Bobby! Well, I lovefixing things for everyonein Poppetstown, so my floatis about tools.

Bobby! You used toolsto make tools.

That is so smart.

Thanks, Patty.

What's your float? Well, I lovethe butterfliesin Poppetstown, so my float'll bea giant butterfly! Hey, Blooter, what'syour float going to be? It'll be a.


Uh, actually,I have no idea.

Blooter? What's wrong? Nothing.

Except myscooter's so small I don't know how toturn it into a float, oh, even if I knewwhat my float should be, which I don't.


I thinkI'll go for a ride.

It might helpme decide what I love bestabout Poppetstown.

I'll pick upsome apples in case we gethungry duringthe parade.

That's funny.

Blooter usually hasso many good ideas.

Oh, don't worry.

He'll work it out.

After all,he's Blooter.

( ♪♪ ) Cocori:that's funny.

(squawk) I know I had applessomewhere.

Oh! Thanks, Cocori.


you don'tseem very happy,Blooter.

Is something wrongwith the parade? No, it's just that.

Well, everyone else knows what they love bestabout Poppetstown.

Except me.

You know,Blooter, sometimes we can'tsee the thingswe love most because they'reright in frontof our eyes.


Your float'slooking great,Bobby.


Did you getany ideas? No.

But I wish Iliked something as much as Cocoriloves good food or Cozyloves flowers or you lovemaking things.


thanksfor getting these.

No problem.

I lovedelivering things.

What did you say? I lovedelivering things.

That's what I do! That's what I love bestabout Poppetstown! And everyone in Poppetstown needs you todeliver things.

(chuckle)Cocori was right.

Sometimes youcan't see things that are right in frontof your eyes.

Wait a minute! I see a float.

It looks like a scooter except it has wings andlots of delivery boxes.

We can make afloat like that? Watch us! ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) is everything readyfor the parade? No! There's anotherbig problem.

How should weorganize the floats? We can't all goat the same time.

We have to go in order.

Well, maybe the oldestperson should go first.

Or the youngest.

Well, I think Blootershould go first.

The paradewas his idea.

Oh, it doesn't matterwho thought of the idea.

But my scooter will bethe smallest float, so if I wereto go first, we could go fromsmallest to biggest.

Brilliant! That waythe big floats won't blockthe ones behind.

And the last floatwill be the biggest and that's a good wayto end the parade.

With the biggest! Hey, that's me! The clubhouse isbigger than anything! Good! That problem'ssolved.

Yeah, it'll be funto be the first float, but I know whoshould lead the parade.

( ♪♪ ) Poppets: (singing)♪ We're in a parade ♪ ♪ For Poppetstown day ♪ ♪ We're celebratingthe Poppetstown way! ♪ ♪ It's here we liveit's here we play ♪ ♪ So everyoneshout a big hooray! ♪ ♪ We're in a parade ♪ ♪ For Poppetstown dayhooray! ♪ ( ♪♪ ) nothing like a popperifficpost-parade party! Everyone'scelebrating what they love mostabout Poppetstown.

And Blooter found outwhat he loves best: delivering things! Yes.

but you know,I was wrong.

What I really love bestabout Poppetstown are my friends.

Me too! Me too! Poppets:Poppets, away! No, no! (squawking)don't eat my float.

Ah, notthe broccoli! ( ♪♪ ) ♪ Pop pop pop pop ♪ ♪ Pop pop pop pop ♪ ♪ Pop poppop pop ♪.

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