Kids Valentine Craft Free Valentine Craft Ideas for Kids

Kids Valentine Craft Free Valentine Craft Ideas for Kids

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2509;}viewkind4uc1pardf0fs22Hey siblingspar It's my first blogparWhat have I donepar Let's look at what Valentine's craft for kidswe're going to create todaypar Mom go get my crystal ball parWe're making fun giant foam valentine's heart for our friends todayparI've got all the materials from Michael's and they are all really cheapparOnepar a giant foam heartpartwopar foam stickers but you can pick out regularstickers if you like those betterpar some glitter glue and a sharpie in any colorof your choosing par I'm using gold to make it extra specialparDon't forget to pick out somewhere been par and if you don't have a foam heartparyou can make one out of fake construction paperparor find white copy paper that you can color pinkparDon't forget to protect your area par with some type of newspaper and constructedpaperpar Firstparwe want to use the marker to write your messagepar This way we can decorate around our messageand instead of having to try to fit itpar we thought the glitter stickers bombardingthe space par NextparI'm going to decorate with glitter penpar Again if you use the glitter before you puton the foam heartspar you can create a pattern or design parwithout your foam stickers getting awaypar NextparUse your foam stickers for extra accentspar place them wherever you like parbut make sure not to put them over your friend's name or message parLastlypar measure your ribbon so it goes around theentire heartpar and make sure there is enough space to tiebowpar Then just cut it and tie the bow parHave your mom help you if you need help par and that is our first Valentineparmake as many as like for your family and friends parSo long par XOXO par}.

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