Kids Holiday Craft Ideas | Kids Crafting | Michaels

Kids Holiday Craft Ideas | Kids Crafting | Michaels

Hi, I'm Laura Lee.

Kids love to craft,especially during the holidays.

I've got some great ideas for you today that are easy for kids and make wonderful gifts.

First we have Perler.

Perler beads are fun and versatile and you can make ornaments, bag tags and coasters out of them.

A kit is a great way to get started.

You get a variety of colored beads and peg boards.

It also comes with ironing paper or if you know exactly what you want to make, you can buy the beads in the specific colors you need.

These coasters make such a fun holiday gift.

You can download the Santa belt pattern from Michaels.

Com or your kids can free form a design.

We've attached cork on the bottom, cut from a cork sheet to complete the coaster.

These ornaments and bag tags are also really fun projects.

They're great for young children because they're easier to make.

Moving a pegboard full of Perler beads can be challenging so here's a tip.

Make sure you assemble your pegboard near where you'll be ironing.

Always have an adult do the ironing portion of the project.

Ornaments are another great kids project.

We filled these clear plastic ornaments with pompoms and added chenille stems to make a reindeer and a snowman.

Aren't these cute? We also have these clear plastic snap ornaments.

You can have your kids fill out their Christmas wish list on colored paper strips and plays in the center of the ornament.

Add their name and year for a special touch.

And make this a family tradition from year to year.

Felt bookmarks make a great gift for your children to make and give to their friends.

Use felt,ribbon, and your choice of buttons to decorate it.

We used Creatology brand buttons.

Creatology products are made specifically for kids to craft with.

Here's a tip: make your bookmark longer than average because children's books tend to be larger.

Crafting is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and what better way to spend it than making these projects with your children.

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