Kids’ Craft: Valentine’s Day Heart Card

Kids’ Craft: Valentine’s Day Heart Card

Valentines delivery, heart card and envelope Make someone special a handmade heart envelopeand card for Valentines day.

The lucky person who receives it will love how personal itis.

All you'll need is some patterned and coloured paper, a pencil, scissors and a gluestick.

Take a sheet of patterned paper and fold itin half.

You can decorate it yourself with stamps ordoodles.

Neatly draw a heart shape on the plain side.

Cut the heart out and fold the two sides into the middle, leaving just a little bit of spaceso they don't touch.

Using your fingers to keep the sides tuckedin, fold the bottom up over the middle toward the pointed top.

Use a glue stick to glue the insides of thefolds down, and smooth down all the edges.

Then, cut out another heart shape from a differentcoloured paper and write a valentine's message on it.

Fold it in half to fit inside the envelope,then give it to your special someone!.

Source: Youtube