Kids’ Craft: Sammy the Egg Carton Snake

Kids’ Craft: Sammy the Egg Carton Snake

Kid�s craft: Sammy the snake.

This is Sammythe snake, and he is made from egg cartons.

Egg cartons can be used to create all kindsof egg-cellent creatures.

It�s time to get cracking with this craft.

Here�s a list of the things you�ll need.

You can also find this in the descriptionbox below.

Ask an adult to help you cut the lids offthe egg cartons and cut off each segment.

You will need about 26 segments to make Sammy.

Paint 16 segments with the green poster paint and 10 segments with the yellow poster paint.

Set aside to dry.

Ask an adult to make a hole through the middleof each segment with a skewer.

Always point the skewer away from your body.

Thread string through one segment and tie a knot at the end of the string.

Next threada bead onto the string, followed by another segment.

Repeat with the rest of the segments.

Leave about 1 � in or about 3cm of string loose at the end and tie a knot in it.

Next,give Sammy a face.

Cut a tongue shape out of red felt and glue it onto the string.

Next,add two googly eyes.

Tie two pieces of string around the top andbottom half of the snake and attach each piece of string to a stick.

Hold the two sticks in your hands and make Sammy dance.

Source: Youtube