Kids Craft Heart Preschool Shapes Activity | Show Me How by Mother Goose Club Schoolhouse

Kids Craft Heart Preschool Shapes Activity | Show Me How by Mother Goose Club Schoolhouse

In this video we're going to show you how to make these beautiful valentines with your kids.

[piano roll] [baby giggles] Hi, I'm Caralyn, and these are my good friends, Phoebe.

Hi! And her little sister, Keira! Hello! Caralyn’s the best babysitter ever! We always do craft projects together! Well, I’m glad you like my projects, because crafting is so good for your brains! It promotes creativity, and it teaches kids how to problem solve when things don’t turn out exactly as planned… And doing a craft project is a great way to practice fine motor skills which we need for writing.

You’re so smart.

Today, we’re going to make these beautiful valentines, using a toilet paper tube as a stamp.

We’ll show you how.

For this craft, you're going to need some construction paper, A pencil, a safety scissor, some toilet paper tubes, paper plates, and some paint.

The first step is to make a paper heart.

Just fold your construction paper in half like this, Good job.

And then you draw a half of a heart as a cutting guide.

Just be sure to start at the crease.

Phoebe can do this step by herself, but I’m going to help Keira and draw the line with her.

Good job.

See, it's a half a heart.

And then just cut it out.

If you’re not comfortable with your kids using scissors, you can always start them with a pre-cut heart, and just let them do the decorating! Yay! Beautiful.

To decorate our cards, I’m going to show you how to make stamps, out of a toilet paper tube! I love this trick You just flatten the tube like this and then fold one end in, like that.

See? It's a heart.

Now just dip it in the paint, and stamp away.

[music plays] And here’s another nifty trick! You can also make a flower stamp! Phoebe, can you show us how? Love to! You just smush the tube to make a petal shape, like this…then you dip it in paint, and stamp it on connecting each pedal at one end.

What a beautiful flower.

Wow, I love it.

And another option is that you can just use the tube as a circle stamp.

Okay, guys, let’s make more valentines! I'm gonna make flowers this time.

I'm gonna do hearts and flowers.

Great idea.

[music plays] Wow guys.

These turned out great.

You're going to make a lot of people very happy.

Caralyn, we made this one for you! Awwww, thanks guys.

And I made these for you! [together] Thank you.

Aww, thanks.

Try making these valentines at home with your kids and send us a photo or video to show us how they turned out.

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As always, we’d love to hear from you.

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