Jaidyn’s DIY Crafts

Jaidyn’s DIY Crafts

Hey, guys! It's Jaidyn, and this week'stheme on SevenPerfectAngels is crafty.

Today I'm going to be trying outthree DIYs that I found online, because they all looksuper fun, and I'm going to see if theyare a success or a fail.

Without further ado,let's try these crafts.

For this first DIY,I'm going to be teaching you guys how to doyour very own watercolor canvas.

For this you're obviously goingto need a canvas, some rubbing alcohol in a spraybottle, and some markers.

You can do differentkinds of colors, or you can do kindof the same shades.

It doesn't really matter.

It's up to you.

For this you're just goingto take your markers, and you're kind of just goingto scribble in random patterns.

So you're just going to wantto color the entire canvas.

Now that I've finishedcoloring my entire canvas, I am just going to be sprayinga ton of rubbing alcohol on it, and you should seeit kind of bleed through to the other colors.

And that will createyour watercolor.

Something you mightwant to be aware of is if you spray itclose up, you'll be able to see the tinylittle droplets that you sprayed on the watercolor.

But if you sprayit further away, you'll be able to see kind ofjust, like, one bigger blob.

So you can do ithowever you want.

I'm just gonna spray itkind of in the middle.

The more you spray it, themore the colors will bleed, so if you want it to lookreally cool and messy, then you can keepspraying it a ton.

But I like it kind of likethis, where you can still see the individualcolors by themselves, but you can clearlysee that it still bled.

So I like this, andit will continue to bleed through as it dries.

Another thing you mightwant to be aware of is that if you leave itby a window or something, the sunlight will fade it.

So try and hang it where thesunlight won't get to it.

This is my finished watercolorcanvas, and I really, really really likethe way it turned out.

It all kind of workstogether, I guess, and I'm definitelygoing to be using this.

So this is for sure a success.

The next craft that I'mgoing to be teaching you guys is magic sand.

This sand basicallynever gets wet, even when you pull itout of a bowl of water.

What you're goingto need for this is some fabric protector, a bowlfull of water, and some sand.

I'm using some paperplates and some cups, just to make sure thingsdon't get too messy.

Let's get on into this DIY.

As you can see, I have alreadyfinished doing the yellow sand, and now I'm going todo two other colors.

I chose light greenand light blue.

Now i'm going to pourthese onto a paper plate, because this needs to be aplace where you can spray a lot of fabric protector onit without damaging things around you.

Now you're just gonnaspread out the sand really well on the plate.

Next you're gonna takeyour fabric protector, and you're going to spray allof the sand until it is damp.

Now let your sandsit for 30 minutes.

It has now been 30 minutes,and I left the sand to sit, and it is now dry.

So if yours isn'tdry after 30 minutes, you might want to let itdry a little bit more.

So now I'm going to pouringit into these glasses, like the yellow one.

And then I'm goingto be testing it.

I really hope this works.

Now it's time to test it.

Do you guys think it willbe a success or a fail? Let's try it out.

Here we go.

I think this is what it'ssupposed to look like.

The top layer isnot really sinking, but the bottom, I thinkthis is actually what it's supposed to look like.

So here's the test.

A lot of it is dry.

Oh my gosh, this is so cool.

Some of it is wet, but– I am going to try the othercolors, just because I did have the yellowsitting out the longest, so I don't know if thatmaybe impacted the results.

But I'm going to be tryingthe green and the blue.

OK, it looks promisingat the bottom, so I'm hoping this one works.

All right, some of thegreen didn't go under.

So I'm just goingto push it down.

Oh my gosh, it's actually,like, molding underwater.

I think that mightmean it worked.

It is completely dry.

This is so cool.

I love this.

Ah! And you can, like, makeit into shapes underwater.

This is so cool.

Some of the dry sandstayed at the top, though, so you can'treally see it anymore after you put yourhands in there.

But when you lift it up, itis definitely completely dry.

I would call was one asuccess, because the yellow one was my fault because Ileft it out for too long.

But the green and bluedefinitely worked.

I would suggest this.

It's super fun to play with.

This is so crazy.

It's like, mind blowing.

My final craft is some homemadeglow in the dark bouncy balls.

Here's what you'llneed for this.

Half a teaspooon of Borax,four tablespoons of cornstarch, four tablespoons of warm water,one tablespoon of white glue, and one teaspoon ofglow in the dark paint.

But since I havefour colors, I'm going to do 1/4teaspoon of each color.

Let's get on into this craft.

You're also going to need twoseparate bowls, because you're going to be mixing ingredientsin the two separate bowls, and thne combining them.

In your first bowlyou're going to combine your Borax, cornstarch,and your warm water.

The consistency will be reallythick and hard to mix at first, but as you keep mixing it,it will turn more liquidity, and it'll be easier to mix.

In your secondbowl, you're going to combine your glue andyour glow in the dark paint.

Like I said, the originalrecipe calls for one teaspoon of your glow in the dark paint.

But since I have four,I'm going to be using 1/4 a teaspoon of each color.

Now you're going to mix untilyour glue and your paint are well combined.

After I mixed theglue and the paint, I decided that I didn'treally like the color, so I'm going to be startingover with some new glue, and I'm just goingto be doing one color, like the recipe said.

Here is my new mixture.

I decided to gowith just hot pink, and I really like thecolor now, so that's good.

Now you're going tocombine the two bowls, and before mixing them,you want to just let them sit for one minute,just to react to each other.

You can either just have one bigbouncy ball, like I have here, or you can do whatI'm going to do, which is split theminto little chunks, and then just mold itinto a circle shape.

All right, let's check if thesewere a fail, or a success.

At first glance, they don't lookthat promising, because they're still kind of slimy,and on the plate they're very flat,when they were all rounded out a few minutes ago.

So I'm going to moldthis back into a ball, and then I'm gonnatry to bounce it.

They're falling apart, butwe're gonna try, anyways.

1, 2, 3.

That obviously didnot work at all.

Oh– let's try another one.

I think these are a major fail.

I mean, it was fun, andit's kind of like putty, but it is not atall a bouncy ball.

I'm gonna try andmake one big one.


Totally worked.

This didn't work.

So this is a fail.

Thank you guys for watching.

I hope you guys enjoyedmy video this week, and for a chance of a shoutout in my next week's video, just comment down below whichcraft was your favorite.

I'll see you guys next week.


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