Iris Folding – Papercraft

Iris Folding – Papercraft

Start with your Iris Folding template.

Now, you might want to make a coloured version of the template like this, along with a keyjust to remind you which patterned papers you're using in which order.

I prefer just to use the white template and follow the numbers.

Make a frame that will fit over the template like this.

I'm going to use a tiny bit oftape just to hold this in place whilst I'm working.

There we go.

Just make sure the middle of the template is in the middle of the frame.

Now you can start sticking your folded strips of patterned paper to the frame, followingthe numbered lines on the template.

So the folded edge of the paper runs alongthe line on the template.

Keep working in a clock wise direction followingthe numbers on the lines and you'll be fine.

There's my first layer.

So keep just taking the papers in the same order, following the lines in a clock wisedirection.

Each of my strips just have a tiny piece ofdouble sided tape at each end to hold it in place.

Keep going round and round.

Here's a close up, you can see the lines getcloser together as you get closer to the center of the design.

As you work you'll see that the design gets very thick as well, you get quite a pile ofpaper but don't worry, that's completely normal.

The whole in the middle there you can coverwith a piece of paper right at the end.

So we're done.

That's the back of the design.

You can gently make sure it's stuck down, turn it over, and there we go, to see thefinished design.


To finish use a metal ruler and a sharp craftknife just to trim away those ragged edges.

And that's Irish Folding.

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