How to Mount Block Letters to Wall Easily & Damage-Free

How to Mount Block Letters to Wall Easily & Damage-Free

Using paper mache block letters Paint with white primer or white wash The primer will allow the paint to look and adhere better Allow to dry then paint on face of letters Just paint on one side as other side will be against the wall Let dry then paint sides black to give dimensional look Apply to wall using packaging tape.

This will allow you to remove from wall without causing too much damage align letters to edge of a straight object like table or posterboard This will give you a straight line when mounted to your wall Here, using 1" tape blocks for added dimension Apply one tape block to each letter Press down with firm pressure so it sticks well to letters Remove tape liner to expose adhesive align as needed Tear off length of packaging tape slightly longer than the letters The non adhesive side of the packaging tape applied to tape blocks Make sure packaging tape is stretched when applied to blocks.

Use the tape liner to tap down the adhesive on the tape blocks.

Hold at ends of packaging tape.

Careful not to let the adhesive touch.

The packaging adhesive is holding the letters to the wall Be sure to press down on the packaging tape to get good contact with wall Trim excess packaging tape.

And you're done! Next method will show how to apply with damage-free Apartment Tape.

First wipe wall clean with water.

This will make sure you get good bond to wall Apartment Tape has one side with removable adhesive Make sure the removable side will attach to the wall Apply 1" strip to block letter Press firmly to get good bond Peel away the protective tape liner To make sure you get a straight line, use a level Once letter is level, press down on the letter to bond against wall Do this for each letter, using the letter next to it as a guide The adhesive is repositionable, so you could remove to adjust letters as needed You're done!.

Source: Youtube