How to make the Ultimate Bendable Steve (Minecraft Papercraft)

How to make the Ultimate Bendable Steve (Minecraft Papercraft)

hey guys remember the old Bendable steve that I made a year ago ?look at it.

look at how crappy it is.

it's falling apartbecause of all the toothpicks in it.

the paper craft is way too fragile.

we don't need that.

I've created a new version without anytoothpicks this spendable steve is but we'recleaning and it sounds better to you it also canfall apart but the older version drawl dependable Steve can't really movethe lakes back and forth his dirty pics get in theway but incision toothpicks in this one now on do the yes okay so the first thing you need to do is to print out the template and you canfind that in the description below and then put on a cutting surface andcut out all the pieces the next up is twofold all the pieces either by scoring or creasing it on thetable for peace is like this one do not fold curve round edged parts down in for the pieces with the long stripssticking out do not fall got down either instead you roll it up with a pencil oran exacto knife for these rectangular pieces rolled outup to you okay this is where the tutorial actuallybegins the first step is to clean togetherthere for peace the bottom half the next step is to glued together the top affable ok get one a rectangularpieces for the like can roll it up into a tube include up I'm to seizing a hot glue gunbecause it's faster okay now clue the tube into the bottomhalf of the lead piece next put the top Africa like into thebottom half like shown include the flop down once you've got both your likes done getthe wide pants to in put that on globallower-body peace just like before attacks both the lakes onto the lowerbody Lake so okay we're halfway done now we just needto do the upper body clue though why to prove the upper body and then attach the upper body to lowerbody the next step is to arms and that's the same thing as too lax sojust put it together now to attached arms Hulu the cream flops on the upper body and the arms an diskwithout if you want to make arm stick up just glue third green flops down into the body so they know to stickup more after that glue together the upper body in attach the neck to bond and for thefinal stop close to Steve heard on to the next toyou after that here bendable steve is done the the way the the the.

Source: Youtube