How to make coiled paper bowl

How to make coiled paper bowl

Today we will see how tomake paper bowls using newspaper.

First of all take a sheet of newspaper and cut it into half toobtain this type of sheet.

Then we will divide it into four parts.

Now take a strip and using a knitting kneedle weroll it to make paper tubes.

Now you will have to make 50 to 60such tubes for making the bowl.

Now start by taking onetube and we will flatten it.

Then we will coil it arounda finger to bend it a little.

Now open it and startrolling to form a coil.

We have to keep thisas tight as possible.

And now use a pin to keep it in place and we attach another stick at the end.

Fold this a little.

and apply a drop of glue inside the next tube.

And then we insert this inside.

Now remove the clip and continue coiling.

The opening of your bowl would beequal to the diameter of this coil.

So you can keep rolling untilyou get your desired size.

At the end apply some glue to this tube and stick it to this when youhave reached your desired size.

After coiling it completelyapply some glue to this end.

And stick it to form complete disk.

Use a clip to hold it in place.

Now we have to wait for it to dry.

And until this dries we willmake another one for the lid.

Now if this is your bowl the lid should be a little bitsmaller than this so that it can be inserted into the bowl to cover it.

And we will make a smallerone for the knob of the bowl.

Now first let us make the knob.

For knob you can eitherstick it directly to the lid or you can shape it in theform of a knob like this.

Just slowly push with your fingers.

Now this is it we will stickit to the lid using glue.

Apply some glue.

Now both lid and the bowl have dried.

Now we will shape them to form our.

in the form of a container.

Slowly start pressingthis using your fingers to shape it in the form of a bowl.

Do it very slowly and carefully.

Not to open this up.

Now this bowl is completeand we will now make the lid.

Just flatten this so thatthe lid can fit in easily.

Now we will curve this lid alsoa little bit to give it a better shape.

In a similar way just gradually push using your fingers.

Now it seems it's almost complete.

Now the shape of the bowl is complete.

Now we will coat it with a mixture ofglue and water mixed in equal proportion.

We have to coat our bowlentirely with this mixture.

First do it one sidethen let it dry completely and then do it on the other side.

Now doing this will give a strengthand also a shine to the bowl.

Now one side is almost complete.

We will do a similar thing with the lid.

The bowl is dried completely and nowcan be used as it is or it can be painted.

Here we are going to paint thisbowl in pink and golden color.

Source: Youtube