How to Make an Origami Elephant Box – DIY Tutorial

How to Make an Origami Elephant Box – DIY Tutorial

Today we are going to learn how to fold anelephant box.

In fact we are just going to learn how tofold the lid of the elephant box.

And you will also need to fold my cubic box.

So that you can put the lid on top of it andcreate your complete elephant box.

In fact it's better to fold first the boxso that you can size the lid exactly So that it fits perfectly.

I also strongly suggest that before attemptingto fold the elephant lid you first fold this elephant as this elephant is exactly the sameelephant as this one.

But it's bigger.

So it will be much easier to see where tofold.

So it will be much easier to see where tofold.

To fold the lid of the elephant box, you needa rectangle which is half a square of paper.

So take a square of paper.

And then fold it in half and cut it.

You can cut it using scissors or a paper cutterlike this one.

And we are going to use only one half, onerectangle of paper.

If your paper has a white side, put it ontop.

So first fold the rectangle along the verticalaxis.

And then fold this side to this side.

And this side to this side.


And fold this to here and here.


And then we will bring this edge to the verticalaxis.

But we will mark the fold only at the bottom.

From this point to the bottom.

Do the same on the other side.

And unfold.

We are going to bring the two top cornersto the center point.

Unfold the right corner and fold this sideto this side.

Mark the fold only until you get to the creasehere.

Then we will invert this fold along the verticalaxis.

Unfold the left corner.

Bring this edge to this edge.

And mark the fold until you get to the crease.

Again invert the fold on the vertical axis.

Put the edge to the vertical axis.

Same on the other side.

Then here you have a crease.

And there is this point here.

You want to lift the flap here.

And the point I showed is here.

Lift the flap and fold it.

And the model is not going to be flat anymore.

Fold it so that you get a 90 degrees anglehere.

Then on the other side.

This point.

Lift the flap.

Fold to get the 90 degrees angle.

I'm turning the model so that you can seethe next folds better.

Now we are going to bring this edge on thisedge.

We fold here, and there is one more fold insidethat you need to mark well.

And then we are going to make a fold in themiddle axis.


And when you do that, this edge should goon that edge.

Mark again the fold inside.

Do the same on the other side.

Put this edge on this edge.

Mark the fold inside here.

Fold back in the middle and bring this edgeto this edge.

And mark the fold inside.

Now we are going to flatten the model.

By folding it here.

By just pulling the trunk towards the bottomof the model.

And marking two folds here and here.

Then turn the model to the other side.

And here we want to invert this fold righthere.

But only at the very top.

So I fold it all the way but I only mark itat the top.

And I unfold.

And same thing on the other side.

You will notice two intersections, one hereand one here.

We are going to mark this fold between thosetwo points.

But only on the top layer.

So I'm going to pull the trunk upwards.

And just mark a little bit the fold betweenthe two points.

And we are going to form the lid of the box.

So we pull this up and fold back this.

Here this is the fold that we inverted.

Same things on the other side.

And our lid is almost complete.

To know where to stop it, the best thing isto take your box.

So fold the box first.

And put the box inside.

So that you know where to stop the lid.

You can fold back the sides and close thelid like this.

Just mark a little bit where the lid shouldstop.

Remove the box.

And you can mark the folds completely.

And fold it back.

Mark the sides.

And do a fold at the end towards the outside.

We are going to invert this fold later.

But now we put it outside.

And now one more fold here in the other direction.

And all you have to do is to invert this fold.

And this fold.

To lock the lid of our elephant box.

So your elephant lid is almost complete.

You can shape a little bit the trunk.

You can shape a little bit the trunk.

Take back your box and put the lid on topof it.

And you are done! Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed this video.

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🙂 Thank you very much and happy folding!.

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