How to Make an Ichigo Hollow Mask

How to Make an Ichigo Hollow Mask

Good day.

Today I'll be showing you how to make a visage mask of ichigo using premade masks bought at a bookstore and acrylics.

First sketch the graphics to be painted.

Sorry for the bad lighting.

This mask used to have a big nose I modified it by cutting it up flattening it and applied loads of tape then painted a white primer (latex white semi-gloss) I'm gonna skip ahead to painting.

I'll be using cheap acrylic paints black, white, magenta and brilliant red dark red 1st (magenta) It's ok to make a mistake acrylics dries really fast so balance painting fast and painting accurately.

Water can be used to slow down drying time.

Don't use too much though.

I'm using a modified brush.

It's a cheap size 14 brush that trimmed down.

Then used super glue to make a base.

Here I'm using a chinese brush for detailing.

let's speed this up some more.

It's was hard to paint in this angle.

Here I used brilliant red (lighter red) as a sort of a high light.

It's optional, it adds depth to it though Here is where it gets tricky.

I am now using black to widen the eyes of the mask Now the hard part, the teeth.

I outlined it 1st with black.

Close -up view.

Now for the illusion of shadow,, mixed a bit of black with white.

gradually adding more white to where i want the "light" to appear.

I was struggling a bit, forgot to use the bigger brush.

Now the really fun part, the teeth (ugh).

Had to do them one by one.

I may have messed up the shadowing here.

It's ok, it can be fixed later on.

More shadowing with grey.

Also the sides needs to have shadowing too for extra 3d-effect.

Still not using the big brush (ugh).

Don't forget every details.

Now the other side.

There we go, the bigger brush finally.

Now it's a bit faster.

It's starting to come to life.

Don't be afraid to change every now and then.

The more you edit, the more it comes out better.

Because sometimes when you paint fast you can mess up the shadows and highlights.

I messed up quite a bit in this project myself.

Finished the details, now I opted to pinstripe the red marks with black.

It's up to your taste.

For me it somehow "cleans" it up.


I messed up with this quite a bit.

But i can still correct it with white acrylic, gesso or the white latex so no biggie.

Look at that, the pinstripe is not symmetrical at all.

Oh well.

:p Here's the final product.

Done all the details.

And because it's acrylic, it's already dry.

Here is Obito's 2nd mask that I made earlier.

It's pretty simple just blacks and whites.

It's the worn-out and about-to-break mask.

🙂 Thanks for watching!!! May you be inspired to create your own.


Source: Youtube