How to Make a Piñata : How to Make a Paper Bag Piñata

How to Make a Piñata : How to Make a Paper Bag Piñata

Hello, my name is Cindy Glover and on behalfof expertvillage.

Com, I'm now going to show you how to make the paper bag piñata.

Thepaper bag piñata is an easy piñata for children to make and making it independently givesthem more ownership and enjoyment out of it.

So the materials that you would need are:paper bag, your treats, newspaper, tissue paper, a pair of scissors, a hole punch andstring.

The first thing to do is fill the bottom with your treats and then taking piecesof the newspaper crunching them up and stuffing the bag.

You’ll want to fill the bag withnewspaper about one inch from the top, okay good, then fold your bag and flap the topover and take your hole punch and punch holes all along the top of the bag.

Then with yourstring you’re going to lace the string through the holes that you’ve punched, this willallow you to hang the piñata when you’re ready to play the piñata game.

Okay, thenafter you’ve laced it, tie the two end together and it is ready for hanging, okay, our childmight need help with this part of this activity and decorating it can also be done by usingcrayons or markers or the tissue.

Now your paper bag piñata is ready to decorate.

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