How to Make a Paper Rocketship | SuperHands: Easy Crafts, DIY Craft Ideas for Kids, Paper Toys

How to Make a Paper Rocketship | SuperHands: Easy Crafts, DIY Craft Ideas for Kids, Paper Toys

Helloooo, SuperHands! What are we making today? Hey, that's a Rocketship! We're going to Planet Cool! And what we're going to need to do that?A cardboard tube, colored paper, glue, blunt scissors, colored pens, a pencil, and a plastic lid around six inches wide.

Ready? BLAST OFF! First, let's wrap the cardboard tube.

Choose a sheet of paper of the color that you like most, move the tube along the paper, making marks like this.

Alright! Then, cut the paper following the direction of the marks, like this! Wrap it around the tube, and cut off the extra paper.

Apply glue around the borders of the paper and a little more in the middle and wrap thetube with the colored paper.

Let's make our rocket more colorful! Cut some paper strips and gluethem on the base, around the middle, and top of the rocket, like this! Now, let's draw the windows of the rocket.

Use a sheet of different colored paper, draw the windows with a colored pen, cut them carefully and glue them on the body of the rocket.

Shiny windows! To make the rocket top, we will use the plastic lid to trace a circle.

Let's cut it out and fold it in half, like this! Now, cut it right in the middle.

Make it into a cone shape, carefully gluing it together, like this! You got it! SuperHands, you're amazing.

Cut four strips of paper, and glue them inside the tube.

Fold the ends to the outside, apply glue oneach one of them and connect it to the rocket top.

Awesome! To finish it, draw and cut someflames using red, orange and yellow papers, glue them on the base of the rocket,so it can travel quickly through space! It's looking great! And you can make more! SuperHands, we'd be lost in space without you! Did you like this video? Watch new episodes of SuperHands every Friday! And download the PlayKids app to have this and much more on your smartphone.

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