How to make a paper mache rocket stove

How to make a paper mache rocket stove

This video is about how to make a paper mache rocket stove To make the paper mache you are going to need some newspaper, abucket, a paint mixing paddle and a drill.

Shred the newspaper into thebucket add water and leave to soak for 24 hours now you can use the mixing paddle tobreak up the paper Insert a length of 2.

5 inch pipe into a length of four inch pipe and then use some of the paper mache tocenter the two and a half inch pipe inside the four inch pipe now you can turn the pipe over and push the paper mache in from the other side Use a stick to push the paper Mache into the gap and make sure it is properly compressed.

Continue the process until the pipe is completely full and you have removed as much water as possible Next you need to leave the paper mache too dry for a few days and continue to compress it to removewater and then you can try and remove the center pipe If you cant remove the pipe leave it fora few days longer and then repeat the process.

Eventuallythe pipe will just pull out.

Now you need to leave the paper mache to dry inside the tube either by placing it on top of a radiator or in this case I haveused a small pc fan.

After a while the paper mache shrinksand you should be able to push it out of the outer tube.

Now leave the papertube to dry thoroughly.

we're going to need two sections of papermache pipe to form the Rocket stove so we can either repeat the process orwe can make one longer length and cut it we can either mould the 45 degree angle or cut it later with a saw Once the two sections are drywe need to join them together so you can either use normal glue or a flour and water mixture works quite well to finish off the rocket stove we'regoing to need some more paper mache we are going to add some flour which helps bind it together We are going to use the paper mache to form a base for the Rocket stove and also tofill in any cracks in the join between the two sections when it's finished let it dry and youcan also wrap it in aluminium foil for improvedperformance.

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