How to make a handmade craft paper envelope with string fastener

How to make a handmade craft paper envelope with string fastener

Hello it's Diane I'm going to show youhow to make this envelope with a string fastener.

More details can befound on my website how-to-be-a-bad-artist.

Com I have also given a list of materials that I've used.

For this project, you can pick any envelope and flatten it out by undoing the seams.

Place it on top up your chosen patterned paper and draw around it.

When you've donethis, you will need to cut it out.

Once you've cut it out, you will need to refold it as per the original envelope.

Then you will need two circles (I've chosen to cut out two small flower shapes in card).

Place the card circles or flowers inposition on the envelope so that you can mark where you need topunch a hole.

Using a pencil, make a mark in the centre then punch a hole where you've marked on the card flowers and on the envelope.

Nextyou will need to insert an eyelet.

I've used a Crop-o-dile tool to set the eyelet.

You need to do this on the flap and on the middle of theenvelope.

It's best to do this before you glue the envelope together because it makes it a lot easier.

Then you refold the envelope and it's ready to add the double-sided sticky tape.

Glue it along the middle of the envelopeand at the bottom.

Now your envelope is ready.

Then you add your note.

I've decided to stamp a message on a piece of card.

Place the card inside your envelope and then you can tie it with a small piece of string.

What's goodabout this envelope is that it can be used several timesand it looks really pretty as well.

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