How to Make a Compact Keychain

How to Make a Compact Keychain

How to Make a Compact Keychain.

Check outthis novel way to keep your keys together.

You will need A Chicago screw A washer Thread-lockingcompound and a drill (optional).

Step 1.

Decide how many keys you want on the keychain todetermine the length of the screw you will be purchasing.

Step 2.

Take your keys to yourlocal hardware store and purchase a Chicago screw that will fit through the keychain holesin your keys.

If the screw is too big, use a drill to enlarge the key holes.

Step 3.

Thread a washer onto the screw; then add your keys.

Fasten the bolt closed with the fastener.

Step 4.

Put a few drops of thread locking compound on the screw to prevent it from loosening.

Did you know In 1922, two men escaped an Oswego, New York jail cell by fashioning a spoon intoa makeshift key.

Source: Youtube