How to Make a Christmas Paper Chain – Easy Kid Christmas Craft by Duck Duck Goose Fun

How to Make a Christmas Paper Chain – Easy Kid Christmas Craft by Duck Duck Goose Fun

Today we're going to learn to make a Christmaspaper chain.

And what you'll need are scissors, construction paper, green and red is whatI like.

It's Christmas colors and you can use tape and or staples.

So first, we startby cutting the two pieces together to make it go faster.

We cut all the way up aboutan inch long but it could be a little smaller or a little thicker, doesn't matter too much.

It's how big you want your paper chain to be and I'm just going to cut a few stripshere so you can see.

It doesn't have to be super straight because when you make the chainhard to notice.

Just cut your strips and just keep going.

You're going to probably one atleast two or three pages full and here we have the red and the green.

I am just goingto put them in separate piles and I already created a bunch of strip before, so here I'llput them all together.

And then way I like to do is I take a red one and move it around,hold it together with one hand and then I just tape one end with a piece of tape.

ThenI take a green a green one and then I'm going to put that one through the red one and loopit around.

Hold it together and then tape the end.

And just keep going.

Next I'll dored.

Stick it through the greenand hold it together and tape the end.

And you just keepgoing.

You can do to two red and two green.

You could do one red, two green.

It doesn'tmatter.

I was just doing red, green, red, green.

But here's another green one and I'lltape that one on.

And you can do this with a bunch of people to make a really long chain,I have a small Christmas tree so I don't need a lot.

So here we go: another red one.

Putit together.

You can also hang this up in your room.

Now I'm going to try to stapler.

It's another way you can attach it, staple it together.

So maybe don't have enough tape,you can try a stapler.

I find one staples plenty.

You don't need to put alot of staplesin it.

So there's another staple.

I'll put another red one in there.

Once I get a prettylong one, I'm going to join it with the chain I've already made.

It'll make it twice aslong.

So just keep going.

You see how how much we've done in just a minute.

Pretty long.

It's more than a foot.

And then I'm going to take the chain that I have already madeand connect with another strip.

This one is green.

Then I put it through one loop.

Andthen I put the end of the other loop and I hold them together and staple it.


Outof staples.


I'm going to tape this one.

Here we go.

Tada! Now we have a paper chain.

I'm going to wrap it around the Christmas tree but you can do this for any kind of specialoccasion, just use different colors.

So if it's somebody's birthday, you can have allkinds of colors.

And here it is on the tree, all wrapped up.

Looks nice.

I hope you enjoyedthis.

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