How to Make a Chistmas Paper Snowflake – Easy Kid Christmas Craft by Duck Duck Goose Fun

How to Make a Chistmas Paper Snowflake – Easy Kid Christmas Craft by Duck Duck Goose Fun

Today we're going to make snowflakes out of paper.

We have blue and white paper.

We put them together then we're going to cut out a circle.

Just use a cup.

Whatever size snowflake you want.

Take the marker or pencil or pen, draw a circle around the cup.

Make sure it's nice and draw so you can see it.

Then we're going to cut out the circle.

You're going to cut both sides, the white and blue.

So hold them together just cut around.

It doesn't have to be perfect because once this is cut out, we're going to trim the edges different ways to make them look like snowflakes.

And it could be little snowflakes, big snowflakes.

I picked this size because it looks kind of like an ornament shape The next thing you are going to do is hold it.

Make sure both pieces are still together: the white and the blue.

And then just fold it over one time and then another time.

Make it nice and straight.

You can fold it over one more time but then it's hard to cut because this is construction paper.

Now just cut off the little inside of thetriangle and you're going to cut whatever shape you like along the folds.

I liketraingles but it could be squares.

Just pull out the little pieces.

Go around make cuts.

I've been making a bunch triangles here.

I think it's easiest.

You just pull out what you.

The we trim the edges like I said.

Let's see what it looks like.

There it is.

It's kind of like a snowflake and an ornament.

And there's both sides to it.

Now what I usually do is turn it around so it's not quite aligned.

So it's a little bit different on each side.

That way some of the blue shows through And then you're going to take and cut a pretty long piece.

And then you're going to thread through one of the holes.

It doesn't matter which one.

trying to read it through one of thewhole doesn't matter which one and then tie a knot with the ribbon.

Go under and over and pull it tight.

You've got to use all your fingers to do it.

Pull it tight.

Let's try again.

So over under and through again and just pull it tight.

Now you have to trim the excess ribbon.

Now you have a paper snowflake youcan hang on your Christmas tree or on your window.

You can hang it either on the blue side or white side.

Here's some others that I've done All different kinds of shapes.

Every timeit's different depending on what you cut how many times you make cuts in there.

Here's our paper snowflakes.

Tada! Now let's see how it looks on the tree.

Pretty nice, huh? I hope you enjoyed this.

Come again to Duck Duck Goose Crafts.

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