How to Curl Linen Thread for Handmade Cards and Paper Craft Projects

How to Curl Linen Thread for Handmade Cards and Paper Craft Projects

If you like interesting embellishments for your ribbons and bows on your hand made cards.

I am going to show you how to make these curlicues.

Hi this is Sage Kimble, and I am the Mad Stamper.

With another technique video for card makers and paper crafters.

So I love how Linen Thread looks combined with other ribbons and it is especially fun to make it curly.

So I'm going to show you how to do that it's really simple.

And all you need is a piece of cardboard or something to put the ribbon on when it's drying.

And I like to use the end of a paintbrush.

I'll take some water and put it in this little dish and I'll take some Linen Thread and moisten it with that water.

Then I'll take the wet thread and start wrapping it around the end of the paintbrush, like so.

Now I'm going to take and set this aside while it dries.

And when it dries you get these fun little curlicues.

Now you can also do that with Baker's Twine, doesn't hold the curl quite as well as the Linen Thread.

But this thicker Twine, curls very nicely.

So I hope you'll play with this technique and make some curlicues to embellish your projects.

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Happy Stamping!.

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