How to Create Jellyfish Piñata with Hidden Candies | Pottery Barn Kids

How to Create Jellyfish Piñata with Hidden Candies | Pottery Barn Kids

Hi, I'm Kelli Ronci with Pottery Barn Kids.

This jellyfish pinata is the perfect project for your kid's next birthday party.

Just remember to get started a few days in advance, to allow for drying time.

To create the top of the jellyfish, paper mache over a large bowl.

We taped two bowls together to create a large dome.

It's a good idea to cover the bowl with some petroleum jelly.

Then for the underside, paper mache over a medium sized balloon.

After allowing everything to dry for twenty-four hours, now you can remove the bowl and deflate the balloon.

Start off by cutting a three inch flap in the bottom of the balloon.

Then poke four holes around the center of the top of the balloon, two inches apart.

Do the same thing to the top of the bowl.

Position the balloon inside the bowl, lining up the holes.

Turn your jellyfish over and place in a bowl to stabilize.

Thread some nylon string or twine through all four holes creating two large stitches.

Then repeat, and tie off and secure with a knot.

Now attach the string that you'll hang your pinata from, by threading another long piece of string through both stitches, and tie off and secure with a knot, and reinforce with some strong tape.

Fill in around the balloon with some rolled up pieces of newspaper, and then secure with masking tape.

Then cover with another layer of paper mache.

Allow to dry and then give your whole jellyfish a coat of white paint.

Cover the top with triangular pieces of metallic crate paper.

Fill your jellyfish with some candy.

Then punch two holes in the bottom flap, and thread a long piece of ribbon through both.

Tie off and secure with a knot.

Reinforce with some strong tape.

Attach several more ribbons around the flap to create the jellyfish's tentacles.

Secure the flap and ribbons with circles of white crate paper, and then cover the remaining area with more white circles.

You can even use your imagination to add other elements for larger tentacles.

Have the kids take turns pulling on the tentacles.

The lucky one will release all the candy.

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