How to Craft a Duct Tape Decorative Letter

How to Craft a Duct Tape Decorative Letter

[MUSIC PLAYING] When you're designingyour home, it's so fun to personalize with home accessories.

So today I'm going todo just that and create a decorative letter using Duck fabric.

And it's really great.

You can do it in kids' rooms,or you can age it up and have it be in your living room orsomething, whatever you like.

I'm going to do a Kbecause my name is Kate.

And I'm going to use thisfantastic Duck fabric sheet, and it literally has a fabric feel.

So the effect's going tolook really high quality, and then these hung on awall or propped on a shelf is just a really great home accent.

So I'm going to start out withthe Duck Tape fabric sheet.

And since this letteris large, I'm going you need two sheets tocover the entire thing.

I'm going to lay it downlike this, and then I'm going to cover the rest of myletter with my next sheet, tada.

So I'm going to turn this over,so the sticky side is up here.

And then I'm going to use my scissors tojust kind of cut in between the areas.

Now don't worry, because as youcan as I'm wrapping this around.

It's not the prettiestthing, but I'm actually going to then line the outside ofmy letter with another pattern.

And that will totally disguisethis kind of rough edge.

So you just continue coveringand folding as you go, but you can see that theedges here are still rough.

So we are going to cover that upwith another glorious pattern.

I really love this yellow withlittle, tiny polka dots on it.

And this is the Duck fabric roll.

And you're just going tocover around the edge.

And you can see thatit fits pretty well.

So I'm going to line itup on the edge and then fold any excess overthe back of the letter.

So now that I've finishedthe yellow side detail, I'm going to add yet anotherlayer of wonderfulness.

And I am done with my pink.

So you can see howcute that looks, where we have these three differentpatterns playing around.

So I love it as is, but I haveto add another embellishment.

And I'm going to make a tassel.

So I'll set my K aside, and I'm goingto make my tassel using this Duck fabric roll in a polka dot pattern.

So I'm going to createfirst a double-sided piece, and then I'm going tocut little strips in this because I want it tobe a nice, thin braid.

So I'm going to cut three strips.

But I'm not going to goall the way to the top because I want themconnected at the top.

And now I'm going to braid.

So just to help me out a littlebit, I'm going to tape down my braid so it doesn't get all squirrely.

All right, when you've reachedthe bottom of your braid, you can just tape it off.

I'm just going to use this littlepiece that I was using at the top.

Now, I've got to make my tassel.

So going to use the same polka dot blue.

And I'm going to cutabout a 12-inch long piece because I want to create about asix inch long double-sided piece.

So just you wait, thisis going to be a tassel because I'm going to use my scissorsto cut just a bunch of little fringe pieces.

But again, don't cutit all the way through.

You want to leave abouta half inch at the top.

And now I'm going to attachmy tassel to my braid.

So I'm just going to tapeit along one side of this, and then I'm just going to roll it up.

Now that I've reachedthe end of my tassel, I'm just going to seal it with anotherpiece of matching blue polka dots.

If you want to make it lookeven more fabricy and tassely, I'm just kind of wrinkling it a bit.

And you can see it'snice and flexible now, and it's a perfect littledecoration for your letter.

This way? Yes, so I'll just tapethis along the top so that it blends in perfectlywith my pink up here.

All right, and there yougo, our decorative letter.

And I just so happen tohave an A, a T, and an E.

And that's how you make Duckfabric decorative letters.


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