How to apply a Paper Mache Coat

How to apply a Paper Mache Coat

Today's topic is the mysterious paper mache.

This material seems to be quite mysterious to some folks so now I'm gonna show you how to work with it on my sword! First of all, we have the carved expanding foam here, the problem however is that there are a lot of little holes everywhere and if we were to work on it as it is, we'd have to fill them up first.

So first we grab some painters tape and wrap it around.

So! But now everything still is very soft and breakable, therefore the next layer will be newspaper.

I have little pieces prepared for this, and use them with wallpaper paste.

I'll use this brand.

Dip it in to cover it with glue.

So when you covered it with layers of newspaper you can either wait for it to dry or you can use a hairdryer.

I'll normaly use a hot air dryer.

Now we take some paper mache, which comes packed in bags, that's basically paper in powderform mixed with wallpaper paste, mix it up with some water, so it looks like this, Lay it down somewhere on a plate, and begin covering (smear away!).

With some water you can also smooth the surface.

Then take your hot air gun and begin to dry.

As you can see it's smooth now.

You can smooth it even more with some sanding paper.

If you used much water you'll get such a surface, and if you used little water, you'll get this kind of surface.

So that's the entire mystery of paper mache.

As you can see there is not much behind it all, it's very easy to work with.

Hope you like it! See you next time!.

Source: Youtube