Holiday Unboxing: Craft & Knit Kits for Kids

Holiday Unboxing: Craft & Knit Kits for Kids

Hi, Guys, I'm Kristen and welcome to StudioKnit! The holidays are here which means gift giving season is here.

I recently purchasedthree gift sets for children that I wanted to share with you.

I thought they were reallygood introductions to crafting, to knitting, yarn, looming.

I thought that they would providereally good inspiration for you not only to see if you're interested in purchasing theseyourself.

This is NOT sponsored, I went out to the stores and bought them with my ownmoney.

But what they could serve for you is inspiration because we can totally put ourown little crafting kits together for gifts.

And so I thought these three had some reallyinteresting ideas and maybe this will inspire you to put together some of your own craftkits.

So I have three different gift sets that I'd like to share with you.

The firstone here is paper bag craft kit and this is for ages 4 and above.

And it says that youcreate your own forest friend puppet.

This was purchased for $19.

99 here in San Franciscowe have the Golden Gate National Parks Association and they have areas where they have gift shopsand that's where we got this.

So a couple of things about this one is that especiallybecause of the paper that's included it has a real like higher designerly look to it.

But it's still totally appropriate for kids.

And, this is something that I can see thatas soon as you take it out of the box you can sit down open all the items and actuallyimmediately create something.

I love that it provides everything that you need but youalso can let your imagination run wild and get really creative with it as well.

In onesitting create something really really cute that you'd be proud of.

Moving on, we havethe yarn animals.

I will have links to where to purchase these kits down below but again,please while you're watching this, I think this will really serve as inspiration to createyour own craft kits as gifts and you know what? Bonus! If you have any yarn or craftsupplies that you just haven't gotten around to using, you can regift them into a craftkit for a young child and feel really good about it.

So, anyway, let's look at the yarnanimals.

So cute.

Packaging on this is amazing.

These are magnets right here as you open itup and then you have all of your craft items on one side and then a book which is a reallyextensive book.

On different yarn animals.

So, what it says on the cover here is includesspool kit and pom pom tools, over 40 projects to learn, and everything you need to makethese four adorable critters.

However, you can make these four adorable critters, orwhich you have all of the supplies here.

But there are so many really really cute otherlittle critters that you can make, as well.

So, I think what they're saying is that they'vegiven you everything that you need to make at least four.

And really all you need isto get some more yarn, maybe some more googly eyes, maybe some little like styrofoam ballsand some felt if you want to continue on.

But, this book is definitely worth the priceof the whole kit in and of itself I feel.

So, this at Costco was $14.


This was alsofor ages 4 and above.

And I feel like this would be a really influential gift for a childthat is interested in yarn arts and knitting as a way to like sort of get them started,ease them into it.

Get them really inspired.

And have them really grow as they create newfanciful characters.

And last is the Darn Yarn Super Set.

Again, this was also purchasedat Costco and this was $19.


I'll have the links where you can purchase it elsewherebelow.

And this has a whole lot going on.

So this is an awesome gift to have under theChristmas Tree, as a really fun gift to open and definitely has some really great startermaterials in it.


You know, I would say, a little Marketing Advice to thecompany is that there's a little bit of diversity on the cover, but what's missing? There areno boys.

And it would actually benefit them to include this not being just for girls butfor all children.

As we know, yarn arts is not only for girls and women, and there area lot of boys and some very manly men who are amazing knitters.

So, that's just a littleadvice from me.

So, I hope you had fun seeing me unboxing these yarn-y, crafty gift setswith me.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Here on my channel on Studio Knit I have somereally fun holiday themed projects coming up some tips and tricks.

I also have a holidaycollaboration with my friends at Kin Community and just so much wonderful, festive holidaycheer coming your way.

So, if you haven't already, please make sure to like this videoand subscribe and I'll see you next time.


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