Halloween Paper Mache Mask

Halloween Paper Mache Mask

Paper Mache Halloween Masks Pour an ample amount of cornstarch on tap water to create a glue for the paper mache.

Mix well.

Bring to a boil in about 2 to 3 minutes.

Keep stirring so the glue won't stick unto the pan.

Using clean tap water, Mold pieces of clean bond paper into your face until your face is fully covered.

With the cornstarch glue you've just created, paste pieces of old news paper over the bond paper as demonstrated on the video.

After the paper mache takes the shape of your face, you can use some Play Doh Clay to create texture for the mask.

Be creative Use your imagination or you can use Goggle Images to copy each individual wrinkles of a character you wanted to create.

Imagine how a horror character for Halloween would look like in 3D form.

Paper Mache is originated from the french word Papier Mâché which mean chewed paper.

-Wikipedia Double check if each clay stays on its proper place, then let it dry for at least 5 to 7 hours to make it lighter.

Glue more pieces of old news paper over your mask covering the clay but maintaining its shape.

Dab some glue into your fingers so you could form the shape much easier.

Put more paper until the whole area is neatly covered.

Cover each crease neatly.

Make sure to pay attention to the detail as you glue each individual piece of paper.

Make sure to pay attention to the detail as you glue each individual piece of paper.

Remove the excess bond paper from the inside and cover the whole area with old news paper to make the back side of the mask looks neat.

Let it dry until it's rock solid, you can use electric fan to help it dry quicker.

Next we will paint this mask then add some more details and hopefully you could recognize who's the famous horror character behind the mask.

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See you on November 1.

Happy Halloween!.

Source: Youtube