Geldschein falten Segelboot ⛵ Origami Anleitung Deutsch

Geldschein falten Segelboot ⛵ Origami Anleitung Deutsch

Hello and welcome to "Fold with Yvonne '! Today I will show you how to fold a sailboat from a bill.

Here we go! Place the bill so in front of you that looks back to you and bisect it lengthwise.

Then open again it and fold the long edge toward the center.

Halve the bill now in width.

Open this folding again.

Fold now one of the corners so up that it is flush with the top edge.

Your bill should look like! Repeat this fold on the other side of the bill.

Now you have the right and the left triangle.

Fold now at one of the triangles, the outer tip on the inside top.

It will look like that.

Open this folding again.

then Turn to the greenback.

The bent corner is now on this side and the middle fold of the top shows to you.

With the help of this fold you fold the bent corner downwards.

It is again created a triangle.

Repeat this fold on the other side of the bill.

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Thanks in advance! Fold now the side with the pre-folded corner and then fold my tip to the center out.

Now you fold these tip back along the edge previously incurred.

It will look like that.

Fold this page again towards the center of the bill.

The two different-sized triangles give the same sail.

Turn the bill now as to that sailing still show to you.

Then you fold down the top tip, so a small triangle.

The opposite side of the bill you fold now using the middle fold up.

And already you have folded from a bill a sailboat! Thank you for watching! I would be happy "thumbs up" on one hand, and if you subscribe to my channel.

Always remember: money is the only gift that can be exchanged easily.

Until next time!.

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