Fun Kids’ Craft: Make a Miniature Garden

Fun Kids’ Craft: Make a Miniature Garden

[Music]How to plant a miniature barn yard garden.

This tutorial will show you step by step howto plant a miniature barnyard garden.

Use tiny plants and rooted cuttings for treesand bushes or sow seeds that will grow into a crop for your farm.

Watch your children enjoy creative gardening on a small scale.

For the barn yard garden you will need: One high sided loose bottomed square cakepan.

Some gravel.

Some all purpose potting mix.

A small glass or plastic container for thepond.

A handful of blue glass pebbles.

Some small twigs and sticks.

A pair of scissors.

A glue gun or multi purpose glue.

Some small aquarium gravel.

Some scraps of material.

One unripe cherry tomato.

A selection of small barnyard toys and animals.

Some carpet moss.

Some cress.

Two thyme plants.

Tymus Doone Valley and Thymus Praecox Elfin are good choices for scale.

A selection of small foliage plants and succulent cuttings.

A bottle of liquid plant food.

Step one:Create the foundations.

A cake pan with a loose bottom is perfectfor drainage but add drainage holes if using a different container.

Cover the base with a level of gravel for extra drainage.

Step two: Add a layer of all purpose potting mix overthe gravel, gently tapping the container when all the potting mix is in it to disperse anyair and allow it to settle evenly.

Create a mound for the hill and leave a gapof one inch or two and a half centimeters from the top of the container to help withwatering.

Step three:Make a space in the potting mix and add the container you are using for the pond.

Step four: Add blue glass pebbles to the bowl to createyour water.

Step five:Make a fence by cutting twigs to similar sizes for the uprights with longer pieces for thecrossbars and glue it all together.

A glue gun is useful for this but not essential.

Step six: Start to lay out your landscaping featuressuch as the fence and add pathways made from small aquarium gravel before you start addingplants.

Step seven:Use carpet moss as your grass and cover hills and fields leaving spaces for plants.

Step eight: To make a scarecrow, use a twig for the body,glue two twigs at one end for the legs then glue another twig horizontally to make thearms.

Lay the scarecrow on scraps of material andcut around to make the clothes.

Cut out two identical shapes for each item.

Dot with glue and around the edges and stick together.

Pop a green tomato on top of the stick for the head.

Step nine: Add plants in scale with your other decorationsto act as trees, shrubs and crops.

Finally, add your scarecrow and any selectionof small toys and pour some water in to the pond.

Take care of your barnyard: With a little regular care your miniaturebarnyard garden can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Watering: Plants will need watering once or twice aweek, more often in the summer.

But do not water too much.

Feeding: Add liquid plant food to the water monthlyin spring and summer, but do not feed plants during their dormant season.

Water only sparingly.

Place the barnyard on a tray to protect surfaces.

General care:Depending on the plants used, you can keep your miniature barnyard outside during springand summer but move indoors and Keep somewhere cool during fall and winter.

Keep plants trimmed keeping the shape as natural as possible.

Some plants will eventually need to be moved to larger containers when they outgrow theirspace.

Simply replace them with smaller plants.

Source: Youtube