Fun Kids’ Craft: How to Make a Simple Paper Kite

Fun Kids’ Craft: How to Make a Simple Paper Kite

>> How to make a kite.

[music] >>You will need split stakes or split canes.

You can use basket weaving reed as an alternative.

Glue, tissue paper, cotton thread, a stapler,and kite string.

This tutorial will show you step-by-step howto make your very own kite, using materials you have at home.

Whether you're at the beach or the park, flyinga kite is a great way to have fun in the summer.

Step One.

Soak the canes overnight to make them flexible.

Join two canes together by wrapping thread2 inches or 5 cm at the ends.

step Two.

Bend one of the canes toward the middle andsecure it in place with the thread.

Make sure it is very tight.

Finish the frame by attaching a cane to theother side.

Then attach two more that link them to thetop.

Step 4 Apply glue only to the oval shape on the bottomhalf of your frame.

Lay the frame onto tissue paper with the glueside down.

Step 5 Once the glue has dried cut around the shapeof the frame, leaving a border of about 2 inches or 5 cm.

Step 6 Cut the border into small strips and thenfold them over the cane and glue them in place.

Step 7 Repeat this with another piece of tissue paperfor the top half.

Where the two pieces meet, trim the paperand glue to the cane.

Step 8 Turn the kite over.

Cut out a strip of tissue paper for the bodyand glue it in place.

Add other pieces of tissue paper to decorate.

Step 9 Cut and fold 5 long strip of tissue paperto make streamers.

Line the ends up and staple together.

step 10 Glue the streamers to the bottom of the kite.

Cut two lengths of kite string 2 inches or5 cm longer than your kite.

Step 11 Tie one length around the bottom, and theother to each side, making a small hole in the tissue paper.

Step 12 Tie the bottom string to the horizontal oneand make a loop.

Thread the rest of the kite string throughthe loop.

On a windy day, take your homemade kite outsideand enjoy flying it up in the sky!.

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