Flowers ideas diy for Valentine, Making Paper flowers craft Tutorial

Flowers ideas diy for Valentine, Making Paper flowers craft Tutorial

I made them to brighten the Sunny House.

Aren’t they wonderful?!Here’s how You need Materials… floral wire (from a craft shop) red wool felt (from Felt On The Fly) brown felt ball (from The Magic Onions Shop) scissors brown wool felt (from Felt On The Fly) Step 1Cut a heart out of paper, about two inches big.

Pin it to the felt to use as a stencil.

Use sharp scissors to cut a perfect heart from the felt.

Repeat until you have FOUR identical felt hearts.

Step 2 Arrange the hearts in a circle, overlapping slightly, so that they look like petals of a flower.

Use hot glue to stick them together where they overlap.

Be careful with the glue… we don’t want it to show.

Step 3Cut a long strip of brown wool felt, about 3 inches long and half an inch wide.

Use sharp scissors to cut small incisions in the brown felt.

Incisions should stop about half the width of the felt so that it has a fringed look.

Step 4Measure the fringed brown strip of felt so that it can fit around the felt ball.

Trim it so that it does not overlap.

Put hot glue along the bottom (uncut) side of the fringed brown felt strip and stick it around the circumference of the felt ball.

Step 5With hot glue, stick the felt ball/fringe to the center of the petals.

Step 6Turn the flower over and use one point of a pair of sharp scissors to make a hole in the back of the flower.

Be firm in making this hole, but please be careful as if your hand slips you’ll can hurt yourself badly.

Step 7Put a little hot glue onto one end of the floral wire and insert it into the hole in the back the flower.

Source: Youtube