February 5th-Paper Lantern Craft

February 5th-Paper Lantern Craft

– Clare what is that? – A lantern.

– Jesus tells us to bethe salt and the light.

So we've got a lantern, we're gonna do our lantern craft tonight.



Com) From your Mass box you'll need.

– Orange paper.

Green glitter glue, tea light.

– And from home you're gonna need- – Scissors, stapler.

– Or- – Tape.

And markers.

– An optional, a bag of chips.

Salty, probably.

– Has to be salty.

– You're gonna cut off about like there.

You're gonna use your scissorsand cut along that line.

That's great, that's gonna bethe handle for the lantern.

People use lanterns to hold a candle so that they can lightstuff up when they walk.

What was the gospel about today? – Chips are salty.

And we are salty.

– And we are salty, yes.

We are the salt of the Earth.

– We are the salt of the Earth.

Here, you try one at home.

You are the light of the world.

– Alright and then you gotta take this and you gotta right there on the opposite the fold side there and then you're gonnaflip it over like that.

– I'm going to take this.

– So that the fold is on the top.

At the bottom edge here, you're going to write Matthew 5:4.

Now we're gonna make our lantern.

We're gonna need yourcutting skills again.

This is the way you're gonna cut this.

You can do this however you wanna do it.

I'm just gonna put akind of fold line there.

So you're gonna cut from here to the fold line, don'tgo past the fold line.

Don't cut my fingers.


Another one.

So in the gospel reading,Jesus is telling the disciples who they are, but he's not just talking to the disciples, then, he'stalking to us today also.

Jesus talks to his disciples and to us5600:02:17,347 –> 00:02:21,514through the gospels becausewe are also Jesus' disciples.

through our baptism.

So you got that there like that.

Now you open it up.

We're gonna roll this like this and I'm gonna need you to get the stapler.

And put me one staple between my fingers.

Good go.


And then put another staple right there.

– Lantern.

– You wanna decorate yourlantern with some green marker? God is asking us to be likesalt to the rest of the world so that we can bring out thegoodness in all the world.

So use your glitter glue.

You can put the glitter glue on there and then smear it with your finger so it doesn't just glob on.

And then if it's on your finger, you can smear it on other parts.

Clare, what do you think Jesus means when he tells us to bethe light of the world? – The light.

– Yep, what does the light do? – The light makes the darkness push back.

– That's right.

Are we able to see better inthe light or the darkness? – The light.

– It's hard to get around in the darkness.

So if you turn on a light, then what? – You can see.

– That's right, you can see.

And God tells us to bethe light of the world to shine forth.

Like a light so we canguide others to Jesus.

♫ This little light of mine ♫ I'm gonna let it shine We'll see you next week.

(giggles) You can get all thesesupplies at theMassbox.


And next week we're gonna make law badges.



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