Fathers Day Porthole Craft for kids

Fathers Day Porthole Craft for kids

Hi! A porthole with a dream landscape is nice but a personalized porthole picture is evenbetter! For instructions on how to make the portholeframe, watch the other video; you will see that it is very simple.

I will show you how to make a seascape witha picture of a child.

This model is made with a paper plate thatis 22 cm or 9 inches in diameter.

Take a picture of the child with a beautifulsmile and their arms raised.

Patterns for the waves, the boat, the sailand the cloud are in the support document.

Print the different parts of the project oncardstock paper of different colours.

Take a sheet of light blue cardstock paperto form the background.

Place the porthole centered on the sheet andtrace the outline of the plate.

If the paper is a little bit too narrow comparedto the plate that doesn't matter because you won't see this part since it willbe glued to the edge of the plate.

Now, cut out the circle that forms the background.

Cut out the three rows of waves that you printedand put them in place without gluing them on the background.

Now cut out the hull of the boat and placeit behind the top row of waves.

Cut out the sail and place it above the boat.

Cut out the little cloud and place it on thebackground above the boat.

You are now able to measure the height ofthe mast.

Keep a portion of the mast to go in the hulland keep enough at the top of the mast to add a little flag later.

Cut the mast withpliers.

Finally, cut out the picture of the childstanding with their arms raised.

Take this picture on a neutral background;it will be easier to remove the outline.

For this size of paper plate, the full heightof the child on the picture should be around 8 cm or 3 inches.

Remove all the elements of the seascape exceptthe top row of waves.

Draw a thin pencil line under the flat sideof the row of waves as a guide.

Take the first row of waves and put a lineof white glue along the flat side and glue it in place along the pencil lineyou have drawn.

Take the second row of waves and put a lineof white glue along the flat side and glue this row in place offsetting it alittle bit with respect to the first row.

Do the same for the third row of waves.

When you place the porthole and look at yourpicture, you should not see the light blue backgroundbelow the last row of waves.

If you see it, add a fourth row of waves.

Turn the circle over and cut the excess waves.

Put white glue on the sides and optionallythe bottom of the hull.

Do not put glue along the top so that youare able to insert the mast and the child's legs in the boat.

Place part of the hull behind the top rowof waves.

Put the mast in place and draw a thin pencilline where you want to place it.

Put white glue along the pencil line and thenplace the mast on the glue.

Don't worry if the white glue spills a little, it will become transparent when it dries.

Glue the sail on one side of the mast.

Take the cut-out picture of the child andput glue along the legs, the body and the head.

Don't glue the arms to give some volume tothe picture.

Glue the cloud in the sky.

Take a scrap piece of the same colour as thehull and draw a flag to put on top of the mast.

Cut it out and put glue on one side only togive the impression that the flag is flapping in the wind.

Gently lift each row of waves to give a thirddimension to the sea.

Glue the porthole on top of your seascape.

This is a nice gift for Father's Day for example.

To print the illustrated instructions andthe patterns of this project, click on the link below the video and visitthe Animaplates website to find hundreds of other projects.

Source: Youtube