Fake Rock Face tips

Fake Rock Face tips

Hi, I was working on some rock walls and there are tips I want to share with you then we'll make a tutorial tips, quickly first tip Instead of using two sheets of paper on each other I take a single sheet and I bow to have a line here and my glue, that is 50% water white glue Elmers white glue or Colbon in Spanish and when you turn immediately you have a doblezv so you have something like and now you can place so quickly in a form of fish scales that is above the last half page uses a single sheet, fold it, and apply it is faster.

next are the edges take a sheet and break down the middle so you have half the sheet of paper and do the same bending over there because the edges of the panels these rocks are genericos It is good to put a booster all around the edges so that is thicker so that the edges are a little stronger Now, the next tip, are the corners when you go to hang, or figarlo in place take a piece of halambre and place it here so square, or you can take another bend, and twist to make a loop and then also with some paper this will give a little boost to ditching the panel to another piece of scenery, a wall or wherever.

Place several layers of this and you can ditch a piece of pita to hold this for example here we have a referee from the corner to the door hinge.

The next tip is when you have edges so and you do not want to stretch or deform place a piece of cardboard on the edge with the same profil stick with paper and paint it so that it stays there still One thing to be aware is when you paint sometimes find parts so They did not receive enough glue, and make a white line peel them a bit, and apply glue with a brush and paste it there again so that it is flat sometimes you'll have situations where you can not help paper lines like this you can use them advantageously taking some paint and using them to form cracks and things to become part of the wall instead of being only an edge of obvious role and finally in this tutorial I'm a little texture & Show Now, this panel is a good generic type to hang and fill a gap in the scenography Here is just paper with some texture and other tutorials but up here we can do paracer mud or something places the panel on the floor and take your glue and paintbrush and applies the glue generously and now takes a little thick Acerin and wash it down over there and this will basically give us texture and then take a paper towel, single layer PHOTO put up with your brush to crush the trapped Acerin between the rock and the paper towel with glue you can make a single layer, or apply several layers applying a little more each time to achieve Acerin more texture Let it dry and apply paint as usual a dark color first and then with a halftone and with a clear tone make some dry brush to really highlight this texture and now when you hang you'll have a more interesting texture.

Source: Youtube