Welcome to channel Sol SPHERES WITH ORIGAMI FLOWERS Hello friends, for this work we will need only about 15 sheets of magazines, pencil or silicone glue or that they provide more grip for fast without soaking much paper, scissors and a ruler.

Let's start by cutting squares of 10 cm.

leave 4 per sheet, We look for the color that we like in the squares and fold to form a triangle, leaving the choice up part.

We bend the ends forming a diamond center And then these same ends the half we turned on themselves And taking advantage of open folds give this way, we turn inward and the surplus back to bend, We do this at both ends We glue and unite to form a triangle.

We have to make 60 of these petals, five for each of the twelve flowers we need.

Then measure and cut centimeter and a half in two sections of the shortest part of the petal, the last part will be a measure of 2 cm.

We "macho" and used it to cut each petal, so we avoid be measuring one by one.

We joined five petals of the same size to shape the flower.

And when we glued the twelve flowers, look how beautiful they look Let's start pasting by the tips of the petals, I'll stick with liquid silicone following the rule that they must go three points of each flower together sticking feel to be alone.

SIII is formed single sphere! here where they meet two we will put also silicone and later on this side and then this other here will start the standard three we will place the third then another in the other corner and the other, in the other corner we have two, are set to have two stuck? here we will stick another where they are glued two this end and this end will place another we third then on one side and then the other and we will thus being You can choose who want and we will follow the same rule here we have attached two now we silicone in the middle of the two then at this end, the extreme right and then the left end petals are still not have lost in this in the middle which follows and the following again put another in the middle left and right Where are we? we will continue here We have two We have two here you must be a third party and will be 1, 2, 3, 4 we will place another First where it will be the third the third here the second and here the second here we have stuck six is half we will continue side who want (The procedure is repeated) (The procedure is repeated) They are set to be closing up? that's all, given the more we are going to guide and and we know where we need to stick the sphere itself is telling us where needed here we lack nothing plus one we're going to put glue 1, 2, 3, 4 5 which they are the flower petals put petal to petal What do you think? beautiful our fields! they like me? not leave me alone, See you in the next video Kisses! Subscribe to my channel for my videos you receive in your mail Give me a like and share with your friends if you liked Discuss and ask if you have any questions And if you want to see more videos about recycling paper and cardboard click here Sol.

today choose to be happy Chihuahua Mexico, 2015.

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