Easy Paper Monster & Owl Corner Bookmarks

Easy Paper Monster & Owl Corner Bookmarks

Hello and welcome to Red Ted Art, first thingsfirst, subscribe to the channel! Right, next, we are going to make these fun and cuteand fun Bookmarks.

For example here is a Monster one for our Monster page.

Let's take a lookand here we have a very cute owl.

Twit to woo.

Twit to woo.

You can make all sorts of designs.

Oh andtake a look.

Red Ted Art the book.

buy it.

buy it!The bookmarks are really good for Father's Day.

Nice little bookmark for Daddy.


They are really nice for back to school.

Actually they would make a really nice teacher's giftfor the end of the year.

Stick them on a card.

You can peel it off – and you have a cardcome bookmark gift.

We really easy to make and lots of fun.

We particularly like themonsters because you can just go crazy with your imagination!I like to keep this neat.

Some people like to have ears sticking out.

But I think thatwould get bent.

You want it practical so when you are using it it doesn't get damaged.

So, let's be quick and make a bookmark.

You will need a square piece of paper.

Thisis standard origami paper.

I think it is 6 inches by 6 inches.

But you can experiment.

What you will do is.

Turn it round.

Take one corner.

And bring it up to the top to make a triangle.

This isn't proper origami, because you aredoing a lot of cutting and sticking too.

But it starts off as origami.

Then you take this corner and bring it up here.

Like that.

What is also good about this craft (whispers)you don't have to be too neat! Take this corner and bring it hear so thatline is in line with this line.

There you go.

Make it a neat fold.

Then open it again.

So you have a square in the middle.

Fold this down.

like soOf course you ca use it with paper that is the same colour on both sides.

It will havea different effect.

Now you take this one and fold it over andthen tuck it in.

Here we go.

And make a crease here.

Did you see that? We fold it over and tuck it in.

Now take this one over.

Take it up and now we are going to tuck itin.

Like that.

Nice and easy!And here you have your basic shape! Like I said, that is your basic shape andnow you can decorate it with whatever way you want!We are going to quickly make a monster to show you how quick and easy it is to do.

I am pretty used to cutting freehand.

So I am just going to cut out some eyes freehand,but of course if you are not so comfortable doing things without patterns, maybe get acoin and draw a circle.

A coin is a good size for an eye! And use that as a template.

Ifolded it over so I could do two eyes at the same time! and to get them the same size.

Especially, because I am doing it freehand! Here are my two eyes.

And now I am taking my paper.

This is just a scrap piece of paper that the kids wereusing and I saved and it is a nice bit of recycling.

You don't want to use a whole sheet! Again I am going to just cut this free hand!You could cut these teeth from card if you wanted.

I don't think it matters if they are a bit wobbly (mine are).

If you do it from card, it means you have a little bit of.

it is a bit stiffer, soit won't get bent.

It will last a bit longer.

Now add a bit of glue at the top.

Like this.

Push it under.

They are really good fun, because you canliterally just decorate it any way you want.

Any colours.

Any patterns.

I know my daughter, when she gets her handson these will be adding lots of eye lashes because she loves eye lashes.

These are really big eyes actually.

I should have done them a bit smaller.

But that is ok.

Black pen for pupils.

Here we go.

And then.

If you wish.

You know I have the pink mouth there.

I am going to do a red mouth.

So again I have a scrap piece of paper.

I do love to recycle! Roughly cut out a square.

Check what it looks like.


That's not too bad.

There we go.

Maybe cut it a little bit straighter Add a bit of glue Just at the bottom.

Slide it in.

Get it into position.

And there you have.

Another super cute Monster Bookmark! So.

This is how easy these are to make! And like I said they look lovely , a lovely gift for Father's Day.

for teachers.

or for going Back to School! Anyway! Hope to see you here again soon! Byyyyye! Subtitles by the Amara.

Org community.

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