Dollar Tree Craft Idea – Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

Dollar Tree Craft Idea – Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

Ff you're planning a party Dollar Treecan help you make it both memorable an affordable.

They carry a greatselection of themed party supplies but they also carry a wide array of solidcolor party supplies that are great for mixing and matching.

My little sister just graduated fromhigh school so I'm throwing her a graduation party.

Her school colors are blue and yellow so naturally I went to DollarTree and got all these party supplies to help make her graduation memorable.

Now I'm gonna show you a really cool andsuper easy way to add a bit of fun to the party décor with these giant tissuepaper flowers.

Here's what you're going to need.

Some tissue paper, some scissors and some floral wire.

First you want to layer eight to ten sheets of tissue paper on top of one another.

You can use all the same color or you can mix them up.

Then you want to fold tissue paper about one and a half inch sections backand forth like a fan or an accordion fold.

Next secure the tissue by twisting floral wire around the center.

Like this.

Then trip to round each end of the tissue so that your petals will be pretty.

Now you're ready to open your flower.

Toseparate the tissue layers on the left and right side pulling them towards the center.

Be careful so that you don't tear the issue.

Okay so when your finished separating all the layers of tissue paper just fluff and shape it to your desired look.

Just like this.

I'm going to hang these allthroughout the house and outside on our trees.

They're going to look great for the party and these are great for any occasion for birthdays for baby showers and Ican't even imagine these at a wedding.

They're fun and elegant and they're so affordable.

Source: Youtube