DIY Plastic Easter Eggs Ideas Craft (русские субтитры, Russian subtitles)

DIY Plastic Easter Eggs Ideas Craft (русские субтитры, Russian subtitles)


I want to show you how I decorate eggs for Easter.

Each of these Easter eggs decorated with a different theme.

Let's look at these topics.

This egg is painted the theme of the underwater world with a variety of marine animals.

At the bottom – sand, coral and shells.

Next egg – the theme of balloons.

Below – grass.

Next egg – lighthouse and sailing boat – sea theme.

Sailboats, waves and a lighthouse.

Any design would look good on the egg, if you want to draw.

Everything you draw will look good.

These eggs can be opened and can be put into everything that you want.

You can put candy or chocolate.

You can put any toy or other small gift.

You can put something neat – a piece of jewelry.

It can be put in these eggs anything that can fit inside.

In order to make these eggs, you will need: plastic eggs, Any splastmassovye eggs that you have.

and paint pens You can use acrylic paints.

I used these pens because dries quickly and is easy to operate.

Any elastics, if you want to hang anywhere.

And you can add any beads, if you have.

To all of this stick, you need a glue gun or super glue.

Hands-paint I bought over the Internet.

Also, you can buy them in the shop – Accessories for needlework.

To make such an egg, all you need is a little imagination and prislushatya to your heart.

And you can do such wonderful eggs for the family, friends and acquaintances.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Successful craft.

And a good mood.

Source: Youtube