DIY Piñata | Full-Time Kid | PBS Parents

DIY Piñata | Full-Time Kid | PBS Parents

GIRL: "Full Time Kid," with Mya.

[LAUGHS] Hi, I'm Mya.

Today I'm going to showyou how to make a pinata.

Here's what you'll need.

Some newspaper.

1/2/ cups of flour.

1 cup of water.

A bowl.

A spoon.

A pair scissors.

A balloon.

Some tissue paper.

And a bowl of yourfavorite candy.

Place some cardboardand newspaper to protect your area whereyou're going make your pinata, and make sure to wear asweater or some old clothes to protect you.

This can get messy.

The first thingyou're going to do is cut your newspaperinto strips, like this.

Then you're goingto make your paste.

First, pour yourflour into the bowl.

Then slowly add the water.

Then mix.

You'll know when it's donewhen it looks milky, like this.

If you can't blow up aballoon, ask an adult.

Thank you.

Then you're going to dip yournewspaper into the mixture, like this.

Make sure to takeoff any excess.

Then stick it onto your balloon.

Repeat until your balloon iscovered with the newspapers.

Make sure not to cover knot.

That's where we'regoing to put our candy.

Once you're done with yourfirst layer on your balloon, you're going to getyour ribbon and stick it on both sides of the knotso you can hang it later.

Then you're going tomake your second layer.

Once you're done makingyour second layer, you're going to leaveit to dry before you decorate with tissue paper.

That was hard work.

Hi, guys.

Once your pinata dried, askan adult to pop the balloon and take it out.

Cool! Once you're done popping itout, get some tissue paper and cut it like thisso we can decorate.

Once you've done decoratingyou pinata, put in your candy.

Now put all that hardwork to the test.

Destroy it! [MUSIC PLAYING] Paste, paste,paste, paste, paste.

I wonder if it tastes good? ADULT: No! [LAUGHS].

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