DIY PHONE CASE  Life Hacks – Hot Glue Craft

DIY PHONE CASE Life Hacks – Hot Glue Craft

Today I'll show you how to make your case for your mobile eien translated by danel I use hot glue We start with some baking paper and cut himself a piece of it off and turn your cell phone off place the mobile on the paper and using a pair of scissors to cut out the shape of the mobile phone put your phone on the back do it over the bakpaier and hold it in place with adhesive tape cover the entire phone but you will find that the tape will not stick well to the paper you need quite a bit do not do it on the side, otherwise it might stick to the glue make the corner as tight as it can sign camera on it the lamp the speaker the power button the charging port volmuecontrol and the 3.

5mm jack if you have one add a few more paper keep it in place and glue the bottom like this next buttons at you charging port and work on your design on the back not remember about the marked places I do a set hoizontale lines followed by vertical lines some square i pad When you have finished let it dry vor 10 minutes remove the baking paper off and remove the telefooon you can properly make the corners with scissors put it on your phone and tweezers works well to clean it and then you're done it is very cool but a bit messy because this is my first time I try again and use glitter glue to make it beautiful it works the same before you press start there from the normal waste do the same again I go for a different pattern I draw the camera speaker lamp and the same as before remember that you must do the buttons nice and tight I love the gold color if you are ready to dry for 10 minutes and disconnect the phone from there as you see it sticking to the tape, take it off carefully and then you're done pretty cool huh? and use the scissors again and remove the remaining debris and it is ready for use He's nicer than my first the gold makes it look nice and you can all the buttons yet gebruieken I want to make one, with three different colors I start with red glitter glue I verwislel the silver it takes a while before he comes through it, it mixes a little and finish with gold You can be as creative as you want try to stick something on this is very good to protect your phone me you can choose any design itself remember that you have to be careful with the hot top there are many people who did this and demolished their phone if you try this at your own risk I hope you like the movie vondt if you want more ill click on the links on the right or check out my youtube page bleiven safe and thanks for watching translated by copyright danel translated by copyright danel.

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