DIY Modular origami Christmas tree (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #149

DIY Modular origami Christmas tree (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #149


Today I will show youhow to make Christmas treemade from paper modules.

We need:.

Green A4 paper.


Brown paint.


Wooden skewer.


Styrofoam piece.

Yellow ribbon.

And glue gun.

First, paper modules.

Fold the paper sheet in a half.

Cut it in a half.

Fold it again (in a half).

Cut it in a half.

Repeat until you get 3.

7 x 5.

3 cm rectangle.

1x A4 paper sheet = 32x paper modules My Christmas tree = 240 paper modules Take the paper rectangle.

Fold it in a half.

Fold it in a half and unfold it(in this way we get the centerline).

Fold the sides to the center(you should get a shape similar to triangle).

Rotate the module.

Fold the corners inside.

Fold the bottom part to get a triangle.

Fold it in a half.

This is a paper module.

Now, paint the piece of styrofoam by using brown paint.

And let it dry.

Time for layers of Christmas tree.

I used two colors of paper, for you to better understanding.

Place the module next to the other one.

Connect them by using another module(each module has 2 pockets, and 2 elements that you can put in the pocket).

Add another module in a first row.

Connect 2 modules from first row in the same way as previously.

For greater stability, we will start making the third row.

Connect 2 modules from the second row.

Add more modules.

You should use 6 modules in each row.

This is a tip of the tree.

Now, make another layer as previously.

But this time use 9 modules in each row.

I made 6 layers of the tree.

Each layer should be bigger from previous one.

Extend them by adding 3 more modules in each row.

You can use more modules in the layers if you want.

Put the wooden skewer in the styrofoam.

Put the layers on the wooden skewer.

Starting from the biggest one and ending on the smallest one.

Cut off the excess of wooden skewer.

Glue the beads to the tree.

Make a star from the ribbon.

Glue it to the wooden skewer.

Make another star.

Glue it from the other side.

And it's done.

This Christmas tree looks amazing.

It can be beautiful Christmas decoration, or a nice gift for someone you like.

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