DIY Mason Jar Luminaries | Halloween Craft Ideas

DIY Mason Jar Luminaries | Halloween Craft Ideas

-Hi guys, it'sBrooklyn and Bailey, and today we're going tobe showing you guys how to make theseHalloween Luminaries.

We thought they weresuper cute and we wanted to make them so we couldline our sidewalk on Halloween night.

So it's kind of cute andspooky at the same time.

-We're excited.

-On to the luminaries , we'regoing to show you guys how to make them, solet's get started.

For this DIY, thesupplies you'll be needing are two Mason jars, detailingpaint brushes, a sharpie, a dull pencil, a lighter, fivepaint colors of your choice, black paint, a clear spray,tea candles, sponge brushes, and a plate.

First, you're going totake your clear Mason jar and remove the lid.

Then take the colorpaint and your choice and pour out a little bitonto your paper plate.

Then take your sponge brush,dip it in your colored paint, and begin paintingyour clear Mason jar.

The next step ofour fun DIY, you're going to want to take a dullpencil– not a sharp pencil, but a dull one– andgo ahead and draw on the stencil of theface you on your jar.

Next step, youcan take a Sharpie and begin tooutline your pencil.

This step is optional.

You do not have todo this step, but I'm going to do it onmy green lantern.

If you're like me, and youlike to get your crafts done as quickly as possible,then you can go ahead and skip the sharpie stepand fill in your stencil with the black paint anda detailed paintbrush.

If you did, perhaps, trace outyour stencil with the sharpie, you will also be filling inyour stencil with black paint.

Take your lid and thelittle plastic thing inside and throw it all away,because we do not need it.

Then take your sponge brush andbegin painting the ring black.

Now that your jars aredry, go ahead and spray that clear spray over the topso it will solidify your paint.

For the very last step,take those tea candles and place them on theinside of your jar.

Make sure that thewick is faced up– that way it will catch on fire–and then take your lighter and go ahead andlight that candle so you can light those jars up.

There are many different facesyou can use on these jars, and we would love to see yours.

So don't forget to usethe hashtag BBSpooktorials so we can see your creations.

-Thank you guys so muchfor watching this DIY.

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We'd really like to know.

And that's all for today, sowe'll see you guys next week.



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