DIY Lighting Ideas | Garland Craft | Apostrophe S | Tea Time & To the Beach

DIY Lighting Ideas | Garland Craft | Apostrophe S | Tea Time & To the Beach

Hi, this is Jill with Apostrophe S and todayI want to show you how to put together our light garlands.

They're just fun, white Christmaslights and we've tied them with fabric, for a more festive look.

The first one is TeaTime and the fabric hasn't been cut for you, but it's been snipped, you just tear it intothese strips and it's in purple, green, yellow and orange colors.

All you do is you justput the loop like this and pull it through like that, really simple and it makes allof these little knots all the way along the strand, really festive.

It's really cute ona fence.

It's fun hanging from a mantle.

It's fun in a little girls room or a nursery andyou can add letters or banners, pendants to it to make a really fun party light strand.

The second one is To the Beach and it lookslike this.

It's more the yellow, its yah, the yellow, blue, and pink colors.

These haveall been cut for you and they're smaller.

And all you need to do with these is justtie them in a single knot, like so.

You can put the knot right in the center as thesehave all been done, or you can put them on an end so that they're all in varying lengths,however you want to do it.

But they're really fun, really simple to put together.

So that's all for those.

This is Jill again with Apostrophe S.

Makeit yours.

Source: Youtube