DIY Kids Craft Cardboard “Wheels on the Bus” | Show Me How Parent Video

DIY Kids Craft Cardboard “Wheels on the Bus” | Show Me How Parent Video

Hi, I'm Ivy.

I play Baa Baa Sheep on the Mother Goose Club.

I love doing arts and crafts, especially with the kids I babysit for like Lucas.

Hi! In this video, we're going to show you how to make a bus out of a cardboard box.

[piano] [baby giggles] Okay, now we're gonna turn this cardboard box into a bus that we can ride in.

Then we can pretend to drive all around the neighborhood, picking up all our friends.

This is a super creative craft that you can do at home with your child.

And by the end of it, you'll have a toy that your child can use for pretend play.

This encourages creativity and imagination.

For this craft, you'll need a large, empty cardboard box, some white, yellow and black construction paper, glue, adult scissors, safety scissors, crayons, and four paper plates for the wheels.

Okay, let's get this bus rolling.

First we're going to cut off the bottom flaps [music plays] The cardboard is a bit tough to cut so an adult needs to do this step.

Now we're going to fold in the top flaps to make the bus sturdy.

[box rustles] To make the windows, we're going to use white paper.

We're going to cut ours in half so it fits better on the box.

When you're doing this craft at home, make sure you're letting your child make all kinds of creative decisions.

The more they do themselves, the more pride they'll feel when they're done.

So how many windows do you think we need on each side? Three! Sounds good.

Can I help with the cutting? Sure, here's your scissors.

If you feel comfortable letting your child use safety scissors, let them help with the cutting.

It exercises the small muscles in their hands and helps develop fine motor skills.

I did it! Awesome, now let's glue these windows on.

You almost done? Uh, just my last bit.

We're gonna add two pieces of paper to the front to create the windshield.


Okay are you ready to glue on the windows? Uh-huh.

Okay, I'm gonna glue on the first one.



Look good? [mm-hmm] You ready to put it in the middle [mm-hmm] Let's put it right.



Now let's give this bus some headlights.

We can fold the piece of paper in half, and I'm gonna draw a circle.

[music plays] And then I'm gonna cut it out.

[music plays] If your child is like Lucas and loves to help, you can have him trace the circles themself.


Wow, look at that circle.

This helps them develop their hand-eye coordination.

Almost done.

Now let's glue the headlights on.

Looks good.


To make the wipers, we're going to cut two long strips of black paper, like this: [music plays] Awesome.

Hey which way do the windshield wipers go? That way.


Looking good.


Hey, we did it.

This bus looks amazing, Lucas.

Great job.

But, it's missing one thing.

What? Well, what helps the bus move? The wheels! [That's right!] We're going to make them out of paper plates.

We can either glue them on, as is, or color them however we want.

Let's do pink.

[That's a good choice] Now that we've glued these awesome wheels, are you ready to put them on the bus? mm-hmm Let's do it.

I'll let you glue yours on first.

Oh, that looks great.

I'll pop mine on.

And make sure it sticks.

Looks good.

Hey, let's take our bus for a spin.

Yeah! Come on! The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round.

The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town.

Try making a bus at home with your child and let us know how it goes by posting photos or videos and hashtagging them with MotherGooseClub.

As always, we love to hear from you.

So type in comments below and don't forget to subscribe.

Okay, let's get this bus rolling.

[doorbell rings] [laughs] [action] There were.

[sorry] So how many windows do you think we need on each side? Three, can I help? [laughs] It's my fault cause I was like [oh okay, stabbing?] He knew I wouldn't stab.

It exercises their fine.

[oop] sorry.

It exercises the small motors.

[small muscles] It exercises their fine.

It, okay, the different things.

Be nice.

[laughs] It develops.

the fine.

Now lets glue these head shots.


Black stre.


Black shh I vant to vipe your vindows.

You want to vipe your vindows [laughter] Oh gosh [growling] haha [baby giggles] [piano].

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