DIY hamster house of papier mache

DIY hamster house of papier mache

Hi! Today I'll show you how to make a real house for your hamster from paper, not a decorative one You'll need some item that will make your shape pattern I chose a small flower bowl for this purpose And a lot of paper – the more paper you get, the greater the density of the house will be You saturate the paper with water by your wet hands And wrap the bowl into this paper, and so on.

Finally the dummy is ready.

Then the longest part of the process begins You have to waith while the house dries completely I made a cavity in it to serve as a container for seeds or other hamster food The drying can take up to two days depending from the circumstances.

On a radiator it goes much faster.

And it is my diy swing set for hamsters, I'll show you how to do it the next time! Hope you find this video useful! Subscribe and stay with us!.

Source: Youtube